The Second Day

The Second Day

Dai Ni Nichi
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 364
Volume Curse Release Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Threat Team
Yuni's Premonition

The Second Day is the 364th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Mukuro laughs confidently and states that only one team, theirs, was able to defeat five people in ten minutes, and that the other teams would already have noticed that they were dominating the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Verde proudly states to Mukuro that he never knew his Illusion powers were that strong, and Mukuro also states to Verde that his equipment was quite useful. Flan, however, interrupts and states that their insincere exchange of words showed a lack of moral fiber, quickly changing the subject to the day's training session, to which Flan casts an illusion to change his apple head to a pineapple, comparing it to Mukuro's hairstyle.

Mukuro is livid and furiously stabs Flan in the head with his trident. Ken and M.M. laugh at Flan for getting yelled at again. Flan, however, brushes it off and picks Verde up, calling him "Verrypoo". Flan picks Verde up and, despite the latter's protests, begins randomly swinging him around, being unable to stop doing so after a while. Flan finally stops and Verde is dizzy, but Mukuro ignores Verde's predicament and tells Flan that they were going to use Verde's "special equipment" in the battle tomorrow. Flan agrees, but transforms them into costumes, calling them together as "fruity style", with Mukuro having a pineapple hat, Flan having his normal apple one, and Verde wearing a strawberry hat.

Meanwhile at Namimori Diner, Team Reborn concludes that they had to watch out for Team Verde. Gokudera suggests that they skip school to not participate in the battle, but Reborn states that he didn't want their schooling to suffer from the battle. Dino also expresses his guilt that he didn't fight with them in the first battle, and that he should stay nearby their school. Reborn, however, just tells him and Romario, whom he called over, to search for two remaining representatives.

The group leaves Namimori Diner, and Tsuna is troubled, mentally commenting that he didn't want to return home to see his dad after such a devastating defeat to him. Yamamoto, seeing his troubled state, invites him to go over to his house, as he had just bought a new baseball game. Gokudera opts to go over to, just in case someone attacks Tsuna in the middle of the night, but expresses his excitement over Yamamoto's sushi restaurant.

The next day at school, Tsuna expresses his shock at Enma's announcement that he and his fellow Simon Ring Holders had become part of Team Skull. As class starts, Dino walks in and introduces himself as their new English teacher. On the balcony as they regroup, Reborn states that they had to go get some "valuable intel". They head to a mansion in the middle of a forest where Reborn states that one of their allied teams knew some information about Team Verde. When they arrive, Yuni greets them cheerfully, opening the door. Inside, she serves them tea as Bluebell and Nosaru stick their tongues at them, Yuni mentioning that she had got to know them really well and that she hung out with them a lot. Yuni explains that Tazaru, Torikabuto, and Daisy all had their watches destroyed by Team Verde. Yuni reveals upon Tsuna's question that her Arcobaleno Curse was a short life. Tsuna expresses his concern, but Yuni tells them to fight for Reborn with all their strength, for two teams would be eliminated in the second day of the battle.


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