The Second Battle

Cover 368

Dai Ni Sha
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 368
Volume Curse Release Arrives!
Chapter Guide
A Single Strike

The Second Battle is the 368th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Hibari muses that Xanxus wasn't present, upon confronting Team Mammon. Fon mentally comments that Hibari had a strong will, but that Varia wouldn't be defeated so easily. Mammon also mentally comments that if they lost to Hibari, they wouldn't be proper Varia members, and calls upon Xanxus to ensure his own team's victory since Hibari had "gone to the trouble" of coming to them. Where Xanxus is sleeping, he irritatedly opens one eye.

Tsuna expresses his surprise at Iemitsu that he was terminating their alliance. Iemitsu tells him that if they were going to stop them from eliminating Byakuran, then he had to re-assess their alliance, telling Tsuna to quickly make his decision, as he wouldn't wait much longer. Meanwhile, Yuni approaches Reborn and tells him that he needed to win just as much as she did. Yuni then states that they had the same goals, but Reborn cuts her off by saying he understood. Gamma expresses his confusion, but Byakuran clarifies by saying that Yuni didn't want Team Reborn to be eliminated. Iemitsu asks Tsuna on the course of action, and Tsuna tells Iemitsu to shoot. Tsuna then activates Mitena di Vongola Primo and tells his teammates to prepare for the second shot. Byakuran comments that Tsuna still couldn't stand his teammates getting harmed, and that even with Mitena di Vongola Primo, his gauntlets wouldn't withstand the attack, that his wristwatch would be destroyed indefinitely, and if he tried to protect it, he would be injured badly, like himself. Byakuran then also states his intention to prevent Tsuna's Rainbow Wristwatch from being destroyed. Gamma tries to talk Byakuran out of it, since Yuni's curse wouldn't be removed, so Byakuran backs down. Gamma, though, volunteers to sacrifice himself since Yuni's feelings for him aren't that strong in this period anyway. Yuni is shocked and asks Gamma what he's saying. Gamma explains further, stating that he felt a strong wall between her and himself. Yuni tries to make amends, stating that in this period of time, he still isn't over her mother.

Iemitsu tells Colonnello to shoot. Colonnello seeks confirmation but Iemitsu tells him that his un-cursed time couldn't go to waste, and to shoot. Colonnello fires Maximum Rifle. Tsuna charges and so does Gamma. Yuni cries out in anguish but Reborn rushes to stop the attack, mentally saying that Gamma was useless in this situation and that Tsuna would be defeated at this rate. However, Reborn is stopped before he can request for his present. Byakuran intervenes, intercepting the attack and states that they couldn't lose as that is Yuni's wish. Tsuna asks why and Byakuran reveals that despite his dreams in the future, he was only awaiting death. He mentions how Yuni became the warmth of his life, and states that this time, he would be the one to protect her heart. Byakuran then tells Tsuna to charge and defeat his father.


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