The Ring Flames

Chapter 209

Ringu no Honō
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 209
Volume Tsuna vs. Genkishi Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Completed X-Burner

The Ring Flames is the 209th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


As Tsuna's X-Burner settles down, Shoichi desperately asks Ginger Bread and Iris if they are alright, but to no response. Tsuna then angrily asks if the voice is Shoichi Irie, stating that he knew that it was him that brought them from the past to this era, and furiously asks where the research lab and the round machine is, much to the Cervello and Shoichi's shock. Then, the wireless was cut off. The Cervello awaited Shoichi's orders, but Shoichi told them to relax, and that Genkishi was evenly matched with this era's Hibari.

At Hibari and Genkishi's battle, Hibari from ten years ago stands in the dust. Genkishi expresses his shock at Hibari being able to block his sword imbued with Mist Flames. Genkishi then asks Hibari what a box weapon is, holding his box up, to which Hibari replies that it is a music box. More confident now, Genkishi attacks with his box weapon and unleashes snakes. The snakes transform into missiles, and are aimed at Hibari. Genkishi then coats his missiles with an illusion. Genkishi then bids Hibari farewell, as he unleashes his missiles.

However, the other Guardians and members of Tsuna's family assist Hibari in getting out of the missiles' range. Kusakabe glances at the downed Lal Mirch and Yamamoto, grimacing. Hibari calmly fires Kusakabe from the disciplinary committee, who expresses his shock at Hibari still treating him as a middle schooler. Kusakabe then shouts to Hibari to open his box weapon. Genkishi smirks, knowing Hibari couldn't produce a flame from his ring. However, Hibari produces Cloud Flames from his ring, surprising everyone.


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