The Pursuit

Chapter 302 Cover

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 302
Volume Vongola vs. Simon Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Outbreak of War

The Pursuit is the 302nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


The Vongola make their way towards the Island where the Simon Famiglia's hideout lies. As they get closer, the Ninth's Guardians begin to protest about his decision to allow Tsuna's family to fight alone. However, Timoteo explains about Primo's intentions when he made the Vongola Famiglia and that Tsuna and his family are the only ones who will be able to carry Vongola back to the righteous path, since they fight for the sake of their friends.

The ships stops at the coordinates where the Simon Famiglia's island is said to lie. However, there are no islands in sight and the ships' radars are unable to detect anything. Suddenly, Tsuna and his family see a light and see that the sky seems to be tearing open to reveal the island. Everyone is surprised to see this and Ryohei thinks that they stumble upon the island by luck but Tsuna thinks that the Simon Famiglia revealed the island to them on purpose, and are inviting them.

The Vendice Arrive

The Vindice Arrive

Once the ship is unable to go on due to the shallow water level, Tsuna, Ryohei, Gokudera, Reborn and Lambo go by boat and arrive at the island. After a bit of exploring, the Simon Famiglia welcome them. Tsuna asks for Chrome's whereabouts but Julie tells him that she is safe and asleep in his bed. Just then, Reborn notices that the Vindice are present and questions the Simon about them. However, the Simon Famiglia have no recollections of inviting them and questions them. The Vindice reveal that they are there to fulfill the promise they gave to Giotto and Cozarto Simon. They explain that the two were bound by friendship and that their descendants should never cross swords, causing them to create a law where its stated that if the Vongola and Simon fight each other, they will erase the losing side's existence. Tsuna thinks that the Vindice's story means that they misunderstood the relationship of their predecessors. However, Enma disagrees and is glad that the Vindice are there and the battle between the two sides begins.


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