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The Princess' Decision

118 Cover

Hime no Ketsui
Air Date January 31, 2009
Arc Future Arc
Episode 118
Opening Song Last Cross
Ending Song Sakura Rock
Episode Guide
Counterattack of Storm
Interstice of Fight

The Princess' Decision (姫の決意) is the 118th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


In Gamma's memory, his first meeting with Yuni, shortly after Aria's death, is shown. At some point after Yuni becomes the boss of the Giglio Nero Famiglia, Genkishi has a failed fight with Squalo as per a bargain made by the Gesso Famiglia and returns with injuries to the Giglio Nero Famiglia. Yuni decides to meet with Byakuran to prevent anymore of her subordinates being hurt. After meeting with him privately, Yuni returns emotionless and a loyal servant to Byakuran after he drugged her. Gamma states how Genkishi was the biggest traitor to the Giglio Nero Family and how, because of that, he wants to defeat Byakuran.


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