The Power of the Vindice

382 Cover

Vindice no Chikara
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 382
Volume Mystery of the Rainbow Arrives
Chapter Guide
Teaming Up!
Flames of Determination

The Power of the Vindice is the 382nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna and Mukuro's team commented about the Vindices' true form. Verde was the first to notice the stone like pacifiers The Vindice started to praise the teams for being the first to see the Vindices' true form. They also said that by being able to do this, they surpassed the power of a human being even though only for a moment. Reborn assumed that the Vindice probably aren't humans like they were implying and that the pacifiers around their necks isn't something that can be found anywhere as its the same as the Arcobaleno Pacifier. Reborn asked why they have the pacifier, but the Vindice can't tell them unless they get Bermuda's permission. Verde thinks that Bermuda and Checker Face are in an alliance. The Vindice, however, said that Bermuda would never do that and that he's the paragon of an Arcobaleno.

Knowing that they mustn't reveal anything further, the Vindice ready to fight again, and attacks the teams. Yamamoto attacks with Sakamaku Ame, but easily got overpowered by the Vindice's attack. The Vindice captured Gokudera, Chikusa, and Ken with their chains and knocked them down. Everyone else starts to notice that they're way stronger than before. Tsuna fires with X-Cannon to distract so Mukuro able to finish them off. Mukuro asked M.M. to wake Flan up, but he wouldn't because he got scared of the Vindice's appearance. Realizing that he relied on Flan too much, Mukuro decided to finish them by himself and unleashes Genjuu Gagaia. However, unlike before, the attacks didn't work on them and the crows were destroyed by their chains. Realizing that they were overwhelmed, both teams started to lose hope. At this time, however, Chrome Dokuro appears as Reborn's representative and offered to support Mukuro's illusion to help them.


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