The Flame of Dying Will

Target 80

Shinu Ki no Honō
Arc Kokuyo Arc
Chapter 80
Volume Deathperation Flames
Chapter Guide
Blood of the Vongola
The End and Afterwards

The Flame of Dying Will is the 80th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Reborn explains that the X-Gloves are made of the same material of the Dying Will Bullet and are able to light the Dying Will Flames. Mukuro ignores him, thinking that changing the appearance of the aura does not strengthen it, and charges at Tsuna. Tsuna is able to grab his trident and melt it, much to Mukuro's surprise. As Tsuna charges at him, Mukuro swings his trident but Tsuna disappears and reappears behind him. Mukuro notices this and is able to guard himself as Tsuna strikes him.

As Mukuro recovers, Tsuna asks him if he's done warming up and Mukuro laughs at him. Mukuro then reveals his goal to possess the VIPs of the Mafia community and control them to cause a world war. However, Mukuro denies to tell them about his reason and charges with another illusion. Tsuna sees through the illusion and ignores it. However, Mukuro hid a stone inside the illusion, injuring Tsuna. Mukuro then charges from above, thinking that he won, but Tsuna recovers and attacks Mukuro from behind, causing him to crash to the floor, seemingly defeated.

Mukuro tells Tsuna to kill him, saying that he would rather die than be caught by the Mafia. Tsuna refuses and turns around but Mukuro instantly recovers and binds his arms. Mukuro attacks Tsuna and sends him flying through the room, straight for the knife. Mukuro believes that Tsuna would die since he is unable to defend himself in midair but Tsuna uses the power of his X-Gloves, producing flames from the gloves and using it to position himself. Tsuna then charges at Mukuro and defeats him.


Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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