The Fake Mukuro

Target 71

Nise Mukuro
Arc Kokuyo Arc
Chapter 71
Volume Blood of the Vongola
Chapter Guide
Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Fake Mukuro

The Fake Mukuro is the 71st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna is still struggling to find his way back to the group, thinking about the Kokuyo student he met, Hibari and Fuuta.

Meanwhile, Yamamoto falls due to the strength of Mukuro's attack. Gokudera tries to go and fight with him but Yamamoto reveals himself to be fine, using his bat as a shield to reduce the damage. Mukuro uses his Thousand Snake Fierce Domination again. Yamamoto uses his bat to throw some dirt to the iron ball, allowing him to see the air currents and avoid the attack. Reborn deduces that the air currents are the result of the snake shaped groves in the ball which creates a violent turbulence. Mukuro remains calm and uses his Violet Snake Fierce Domination that adds a spin to the previous attack, hitting Yamamoto who falls unconscious. Gokudera tries to fight but collapses due to his injury and Bianchi steps forward to fight. Mukuro tries to intimidate her by saying that he haven't even used a third of his strength but Bianchi is determined to fight him and defend the others.

Tsuna manages to finally return to the edge of the forest and sees Mukuro. At the sight of Bianchi defending the others, Tsuna shouts out at him but regrets it at once. Mukuro challenges him but Tsuna did not response out of fear and Mukuro goes to attack Bianchi with his Violet Snake Fierce Domination. However, Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet and Tsuna manages to stop the attack with his bare hands. Mukuro goes to attack Tsuna but Tsuna is able to dodge it and punch Mukuro in to the air. In midair, Mukuro uses his Flying Snake Fierce Domination but Tsuna is able to stop it again and sends it back, knocking Mukuro into a pile of rubble. It seems that they've won but Mukuro stands up, saying that he'll have to use his full power against Tsuna...


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