The Eve of Battle

Target 358

Kaisen Zen'ya
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 358
Volume The Representative Battle of the Rainbow Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Dad's Coming Home
The Starting Day

The Eve of Battle is the 358th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Nana, in the kitchen along with Iemitsu, Colonnello, Basil, Lambo, and I-Pin, tells Iemitsu to reprimand Tsuna for leaving Basil and Colonnello out of his conversation with his friends, but Basil reassures her, stating that it was only natural, as he wasn't on Tsuna's team. Nana wonders what team they were talking about, but is reassured that it was only a game. With Tsuna and his Guardians, they express their happiness that Yuni was alive, but Tsuna nervously states that Byakuran was alive as well.

The mood gets serious, but Yamamoto merely lightly smiles and states that he knew Byakuran was alive. Gokudera, however, agitatedly wonders why Yuni chose Byakuran as her representative. Dino, however, reminds them that Tsuna felt that the future Byakuran had a different atmosphere around him, Tsuna adding that the present Byakuran felt more transparent; he was still intimidating, but it was a different kind of intimidation. Ryohei dissuades them, stating that after all that the future Byakuran had put them through, they shouldn't trust him to form an alliance, Gokudera agreeing, Yamamoto also stating that to free Reborn from the Arcobaleno curse, they had to tread carefully. Tsuna, relieved, agrees with his Guardians, but Reborn opposes, opting to agree to Byakuran's offer of an alliance.

Everyone expresses their surprise, but Reborn states that after they became allies, they would be invincible. Tsuna worriedly says that Byakuran was still Byakuran, and he might be still going at world domination; however, Reborn states that Yuni should know Byakuran's weaknesses, also stating that Yuni wouldn't have Byakuran be her representative just for the sake of the representative battle. Reborn adds that Yuni may know something special about the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, and cheerfully states that as the Arcobaleno they were fighting for, he would agree to the alliance. The gathered people also note that they needed two more representatives. Dino also adds that the representatives were all strong- Iemitsu for Colonnello, Xanxus for Mammon, Byakuran and the Six Funeral Wreaths for Yuni, and Mukuro for Verde, Tsuna nervously stating that hearing their names made shivers travel down his spine. Yamamoto reassures Tsuna, stating that they would have Hibari, but Reborn reveals that Hibari was sick; because he was so crowded during the battle with Daemon, he got a severe case of hives.

Tsuna brightens up, remembering that they could ask Enma, and prepares to head over to ask him, Dino adding that he would try to convince Hibari. At the bridge, Tsuna happily finds Enma, but is shocked when he hears that Enma was Skull's representative. Enma reveals to Tsuna that only he was fighting for Skull, as the rest of the Simon Famiglia was unwilling. Tsuna and Enma want to form an alliance, but Skull and Reborn shoot down the idea, Reborn stating that he didn't partner up with inferiors. Skull angrily retorts at Reborn, calling the latter a "sideburns-midget", but Reborn has an evil glint in his eye. Skull hurriedly apologizes, calling Reborn "Reborn-senpai". Reborn then tells Tsuna that they should leave, the latter miserably wondering why they could partner with Byakuran and not Enma.

At Kokuyo Land, Verde unveils "weapons of the next generation" to Mukuro. Gamma gets angry at Byakuran for forming an alliance with the Vongola without his permission, but Yuni calms Gamma down, stating that she was found the alliance comforting. With the CEDEF, Colonnello is firing shots at Basil for training, who successfully dodges them. With the Varia, it's revealed that Mammon spent his entire life-savings getting Talbot to make them new Varia Rings. Fon, on a lamppost somewhere, calmly smiles. Enma finds a notebook that Julie didn't want and writes down, along with Skull, their "secret plan" in the notebook. The first day of the Representative Battle then arrives.


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