The Enemy Who Should Be Defeated

Chapter 328

Taosubeki teki
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 328
Volume Awakening Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Awakening Complete

The Enemy Who Should Be Defeated is the 328th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Yamamoto manages to find Daemon's location in his illusion and attacks him, injuring him in the process. At this, Daemon tells Yamamoto that there's no way he could defeat him with that kind of attack and that he would know the situation he is in if Daemon unleashed his true power. Due to the weak temporary vessel that he resides in (Julie), he is unable to use even 10% of his true power. Yamamoto replied that he would defeat Daemon right then and there regardless of the amount of power he held. However, Chrome steps in front of Yamamoto, defending Daemon. She refuses to step back when Yamamoto asked her to until Daemon said that they will withdraw for a while. Before they left, Yamamoto hands her the not yet active Mist Vongola Version X Gear, saying that they will always be waiting for her.

After Daemon and Chrome left, Yamamoto fell to his knees due to his body having not fully recovered and the group decide to rest for the night. Yamamoto tells Tsuna and Gokudera that Byakuran was the one who healed him, much to their shock. Tsuna protests that if Byakuran is still alive, it will be dangerous since he might abuse his powers again. Yamamoto cheerfully assured them that Byakuran is under 24 hours surveillance by the Vongola and his face somehow looked "refreshing", Tsuna then decides to try to believe in Byakuran, though he still feels uneasy about the situation.

Yamamoto then changed back to the topic of their current situation. Reborn told him that before he arrived, Tsuna had been moping around, saying that he didn't even know that he's doing the right thing anymore, much to Tsuna's embarrassment. Tsuna explains that Hibari gave him a hint during his battle and the revelation of Simon, and that he no longer has any doubts, firmly stating that they must defeat Daemon whose behind all the events that occurred and save Enma and Chrome. With this resolve, Natsu is released from his Vongola Gear. Natsu had, at first, refused to appear because he didn't want to fight Enma, which mirrored Tsuna's deepest emotion as stated by Reborn. Reborn then asked what he will do regarding Iemitsu killing Enma's family. Tsuna answered that after witnessing the memories of Giotto and Cozart, he found that his heart was confused and it was hard to believe, realizing that he knew too well of his weakness and promised himself that he won't lose to his own heart anymore and will believe in his father to the very end.

At the Simon's castle, Enma is seen in a throne with his fully awakened Simon ring insanely muttering that he must kill Tsuna.


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