The Day of the Showdown

Chapter 239

Kessen no Hi
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 239
Volume Choice Arrives!
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The Day of the Showdown is the 239th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Byakuran and the Six Funeral Wreaths prepare to go to Japan in order to start the game. Meanwhile, in Japan, Tsuna informs the injured Lal that the battle is about to begin and reassures her that they will win in order to stop the radiation that is weakening her and Reborn. He then leaves upon Lal's request. After Tsuna leaves, Lal remembers her student, Colonnello. Elsewhere, Gokudera is looking for Uri when Bianchi arrives and gives it to him, after seeing it sleeping in the dryer. When Bianchi tries to start a conversation with Gokudera, Uri runs off again and Gokudera goes after it while Bianchi comments on him being a coward. After Gokudera leaves, Tsuna arrives and is informed by Bianchi that she, Kyoko and Haru made some battle outfits from Leon's thread for him and the others. Bianchi also informs Tsuna that Haru and Kyoko are in high spirits, making Tsuna a little happy.

Elsewhere, Haru and Kyoko are spying on a sleeping Shoichi Irie and is surprised to see him sleeping while halfway through removing his clothes. They note that he must be really tired. However, the two girls is forced to wake him up in order for him to prepare for the day of the battle. Irie wakes up and meets with the others. He is surprised to see them wearing their battle outfits and reminds them that this battle may be the greatest battle that the Vongola may face. The group then leaves, wearing their new uniforms...


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