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The Arcobaleno Seals

144 Cover

Arukobarēno no Shirushi
Air Date August 1, 2009
Arc Arcobaleno Trials Arc
Episode 144
Opening Song Easy Go
Ending Song Aoi Yume
Episode Guide
Trial 1
Guardian Showdown Cloud vs. Mist

The Arcobaleno Seals (アルコバレーノの印) is the 144th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Colonnello continues to overwhelm the two. He is defeated when Gokudera distracts Colonnello for Tsuna to use the X-Burner on him. Colonnello gives Tsuna the Arcobaleno Seal, which causes all the Vongola Rings to glow simultaneously. Skull makes his appearance and is revealed to be scheming something with Viper. Later, a person pretending to be Tsuna provokes Kyoya Hibari and Rokuro Mukuro, causing them to pursue the imposter. Tsuna and Reborn are heading to Chrome's hideout to give her some bentō and end up meeting Mukuro and Hibari when they arrive. Mukuro and Hibari begin their battle against each other.


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