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Terror! Turmoil on Base

163 Cover

Kyōfu! Ajito Dai Sōdō
Air Date December 12, 2009
Arc Choice Arc
Episode 163
Opening Song Funny Sunny Day
Ending Song Yume no Manyuaru
Episode Guide
The Sky Vongola Box
Vongola Box, Training Begins

Terror! Turmoil on Base (恐怖!アジト大騒動) is the 163rd episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Dino, in his room, unleashes his Box Weapon but is accidentally swallowed by it. One by one, Tsuna's friends are swallowed by the Box Weapon until Tsuna and Basil are the only ones who remain. Tsuna contemplates destroying the Box Weapon to stop the menace but hesitates when he realizes his friends will die with it. The box weapon begins to lay eggs and inside are Tsuna's friends who have been eaten by the Box Weapon. Dino reveals that the Box Weapon he bought rejuvenates those that it eats, because it contains Sun Flames. Reborn tells Tsuna and his friends that they will begin to train with their Vongola Boxes.


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