Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 289
Volume Inheritance Ceremony Arrives!
Chapter Guide

Tension is the 289th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Tsuna arrives at the baseball field to see Yamamoto and Kaoru waiting for him. At the sight of Kaoru, Tsuna remembers his conversation with Koyo the previous night. Koyo calls him the Hospitalizing Devil Kaoru while Reborn tells Tsuna to go to them instead of them going to Tsuna's house, to which Tsuna agrees. As Yamamoto informs Tsuna that they are going to help Kaoru train, Gokudera arrives and informs Tsuna to he will patrol the perimeters again. After Gokudera leaves, Reborn and Enma arrive in order to help too. As Reborn sits in the bench, he's planning on observing Kaoru's strength. Yamamoto tells Kaoru to throw the ball but Kaoru refuses, causing Tsuna to be scared.

Meanwhile, Chrome, Ken and Chikusa discover another bag of food from an unknown sender while Julie watches them from a distance, thinking that the food should fill Chrome's stomach, and thinks himself as a kindhearted guy.

Back at the field, Yamamoto encourages Kaoru to throw the ball but Kaoru reveals that he's embarrassed to throw in front of people, surprising everyone. Yamamoto decides to help him overcome his shyness and starts to suggest multiple things and formulates a plan with Reborn. Reborn then calls Haru who brings some vegetable costumes from her school play. Reborn also calls their other friends in order to wear the costumes and help Kaoru overcome his shyness.

After a little time of preparation, everyone wears the costumes, causing Kaoru to overcome his fear and throw at full force. Yamamoto catches the ball but is forced back by the force, when he looks at his hand, he sees that it turned to dust.

Meanwhile, at a hotel in Japan, Vongola Nono and his guardians receives an urgent message from an ally family, concerning someone who is planning to interfere with the Inheritance Ceremony...


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