Chapter 316

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 316
Volume Dark Shadow Arrives!
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Hayato Gokudera Vs. Shitt. P!
Enma's Anger

Tears is the 316th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Uri Bomb

Uri Bomb

Gokudera begins to charge at P. Shitt, saying that he's fighting for Tsuna and to be his right hand man and that is the reason why he doesn't like himself. Gokudera tells her that it's not his weakness because the right hand man he is aiming to be is not him yet because he is missing something, and that is why he trains, stretches himself and schemes.

P. Shitt is confused by what Gokudera is saying and destroys Gokudera's dynamites. Gokudera then tells her how he did the surprise attack earlier. Gokudera tells her that his Vongola gear uses dynamites as the main weapon, but another main weapon can be detached from it and that secret weapon is aiming for the catnip he put on P. Shitt. Just then, Uri jumps from behind P. Shitt and P. Shitt understands when and how Gokudera put the catnip. She then sees Uri's tail acting as a fuse and Gokudera tells her that Uri is the Vongola Gear's other weapon and his other self.

Uri then explodes and pops P. Shitt's balloon. Tsuna congratulates Gokudera and asks him if Uri shrunk. Gokudera agrees and concludes that Uri Bomb consumes Uri's own flame, causing her to shrink the more they use it, however, Gokudera tells Tsuna that Uri will be back to normal when he regains his strength. Just then, the Vindice arrive to arrest P. Shitt and give the third clue, a letter from Giotto and Cozarto Simon.

Cozarto is sitting on his chair when a subordinate enters the room, giving him a letter from Giotto. It's been years since they saw each other and Giotto is now the boss of a large family. The letter talks about Giotto gaining trustworthy people, one after another and about his organization that continues to grow bigger and even the police can't interfere with them. Giotto continues to tell Cozarto that he is scared sometimes since he is unsure if the organization he created does protect those that are precious to him and that their biggest war is coming up. The war is dangerous even though Giotto assembled all of the Vongola's forces and asks Cozarto to lend him his and his fifty subordinates powers. After a pause, Cozarto agrees to help his friend.

The memory ends and Tsuna realizes that the memory is heading to the fight where the Simon Family was surrounded and annihilated in. P. Shitt tells him that it's true and that is the main reason why she lives for only herself. She used to be bullied for being different but one day, she stopped caring about what others think and begins to care for only herself. Yet she is defeated by Gokudera who fights for Tsuna, P. Shitt is confused by this but concludes that Gokudera is a unique creature, a U.M.A, much to Tsuna and Gokudera's surprise. P. Shitt then tells Gokudera that she wants to know more about Gokudera, since she is as interesting as herself but bids him farewell and only wishes that they could have met earlier. Tsuna surprises himself by telling P. Shitt that when the fight is over, he will rescue her and the others, saying that the Simon Family are falling victims to the fight. Just then, Enma arrives and throws something to P. Shitt. However, the Vindice are able to knock it away and disappears together with P. Shitt. The Vongola see that Enma is crying due to his friends' imprisonment. Adelheid tries to stop him but Julie stops her. Enma then unleashes his power, saying that he will defeat Tsuna right there and now...


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