The curse of the rainbow arc
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"Team Skull vs. Team Mammon" is a battle of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, meaning its navigation will be different from normal battles.

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Team Skull vs. Team Mammon


Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Location Namimori Middle School
Chapters 359 - ongoing
Initial Team Skull Team Mammon (sans Xanxus)
Fight Guide
Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Iemitsu Sawada

Team Skull vs. Team Mammon is a battle occurring between the initial Team Skull comprised of Enma Kozato and Skull, and Team Mammon, excluding their boss representative, at Namimori Middle School.


As the Representative Battle of the Rainbow starts, Team Mammon confronts Enma.


At first, Enma is the only one to fight the Team Mammon members. Belphegor throws his knives at Enma, surprising the latter, but he quickly uses Gravita della Terra to stop the knives' trajectory. Enma recalls that his attackers were Varia, and Squalo states to the other Varia members that they should finish off Enma quickly. Enma is defiant, however, and attempts to use Gravita della Terra once more to trap the Varia members' movement- however, the Varia members replace themselves with their Box Weapons. Squalo then jumps down from where he dodged to and prepares to attack Enma.

A while later, Enma is immobilized by Belphegor's invisible wire strings. Belphegor reveals that he tied up Enma's hands, Enma attempting to use Gravita della Terra; however, his aim was off and he used it on Skull.
Varia Attacks

Varia attacks

The Varia sinisterly reveal that their boss, Xanxus, told them to "eliminate their opponents", not just break their Rainbow Wristwatches, and subsequently prepare to deal a finishing blow.

Skull, however, frantically recalls that Yonomichi told them that there was a "present" for each of them, and that he forgot to tell everyone else about it, thus telling them to use the advantage wisely. Skull screeches out the word "present" and his Rainbow Wristwatch removes his Arcobaleno Curse, also giving him eligibility to enter the battle royale, the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, though he loses use of his Arcobaleno Pacifier. 49 seconds of the battle remain.

The four Varia members charge up their strongest attacks and use them on Enma, powered by their new Varia Rings. However, Skull intervenes and uses his Undead Body to protect Enma. The battle time limit has been reached, however, and the result is a draw.


The Varia leave and Adelheid, who was walking by and saw Enma in danger, agreed to, along with the rest of the 10th generation Simon Ring Holders, be Skull's representatives.


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