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Team Reborn

Reborn Team

Name Team Reborn
Current Boss Tsunayoshi Sawada
Serving Under Reborn

Team Reborn is the Sun Arcobaleno Reborn's representative team, being formed to fight for Reborn in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. On the fourth day of the Representative Battle, Tsuna defeated the last remaining Boss, Jager of Team Bermuda, declaring victory of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.





Battles FoughtEdit

Day 1Edit

Members defeatedEdit

  1. Ryohei Sasagawa

Opponents defeatedEdit

  • None

Allies GainedEdit

  1. Team Colonnello

Day 2Edit

Members defeatedEdit

  • Ryohei Sasagawa

Opponents defeatedEdit

  • None

Alliances terminatedEdit

  • Team Yuni (forcibly terminated by Team Yuni's elimination)
  • Team Colonnello (terminated by Team Colonnello's boss)

Day 3Edit

Members GainedEdit

Day 4 Edit


  • This team along with Team Verde were the first people to see the Vindices' true form as they were fighting in day 3.