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Teacher and Student Combination, Assembled

37 Cover

師弟コンビ, 揃う
Shitei Konbi, Sorou
Air Date June 23, 2007
Arc Varia Arc
Episode 37
Opening Song Boys and Girls
Ending Song Echo Again
Episode Guide
Tutors, Move Out
The Selfish Child's Disappearance

Teacher and Student Combination, Assembled (師弟コンビ, 揃う) is the 37th episode of the anime series Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


All of them are going through training by their respective tutors. Tsuna is being trained by Reborn, Yamamoto by his father, Gokudera by Doctor Shamal, Ryohei by Colonnello, and Hibari by Dino.


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