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Kanji Name タルボ
Romaji Name Tarubo
Title Vongola Metal Craftsman
Gender Male
Status Alive
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Manga Debut Chapter 299

Character OutlineEdit

Talbot (タルボ, Tarubo) is a craftsman who first appeared at Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony.


Talbot is a craftman who has been working for the Vongola since Primo's generation. In Drama CD: Proof of Friendship, Giotto requested him to make golden pocket watches for him and his guardians as proof of their eternal friendship. Other than that, what Talbot had done during the next generations onwards is unknown, but he revealed that he has been researching about the mysteries behind the Arcobaleno and is quite knowledgeable about Bermuda and Arcobaleno pacifiers. It is unknown how he is able to live for as long as he has.


His age is evident in his physical appearance. He has no hair except a small clump on the crown of his head, and wears a black covering over his eyes. He has been shown wearing simple, tattered robes. 


He is rather friendly, generous and helpful.

Plot OverviewEdit

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

After the Vongola were defeated by the Simon, Talbot appears and offers to fix the Rings. He states the risks of such an endeavor could potentially destroy the rings completely, which Tsuna accepts. After a bit of work, he brings the rings back in a completely dead-like state. When everyone was down, he asks the extent of their resolve and to light the flames, warning them that a weak attempt would destroy the souls in the rings for good. Tsuna, Gokudera, Hibari and Ryohei all manage to awaken the new Vongola Rings' form, the Vongola Gear.

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Talbot is mentioned to have created new Varia Rings, the payment being Mammon's entire fortune, and upgraded Xanxus's Varia Ring to allow his Box Weapon, Bester, to enter Cambio Forma. After the third day of the Representative Battle of The Rainbow, Tsuna met with Talbot and proposed an idea to save Reborn's generation of Arcobaleno.

In the final day of Representative Battle, after Tsuna defeated Team Bermuda, Talbot appears before Checker Face could make the next generation of Arcobaleno. He proposed another and much safer way to protect the Tri-ni-set without having to sacrifise Arcobaleno. He created special jars that able to contain Seven Flames of the Sky, using Bermuda's Flame of Night within the jar to accelerate the flames to provide enough power to replace the Arcobaleno Pacifiers.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Talbot's Equipment

Talbot's Equipment

He can hear the spirits of the Vongola Rings and even knows about the Vongola Box Rings. Unknown, and much to the shock of the Vongola, he's had in his possession the Penalty, which is the blood of Vongola Primo. Talbot seems to be well informed, knowing about the blood of Cozarto Simon and the Simon Rings, something that even Timoteo was unaware of. He's an expert metal craftsman who can even repair the highly damaged Vongola Rings. In order to upgrade the Vongola Rings to match the power of the Simon Rings, he needed the Vongola Box Rings and Penalty. However, there would be a 50% chance of being able to gain the power, and in case this fails, he mentions that the rings would forever lose its light. Talbot is also capable of upgrading Box Weapons to Cambio Forma through the use of Rings, as shown through his Cambio Forma upgrade to the Xanxus's Varia Ring.


  • Lævateinn's Hilt - Lævateinn is a flaming sword known as the "Wounding Wand" or the "Staff of Destruction." Lævateinn makes its wielder invincible in battle and is able to fight without someone holding it.
  • Hammer - Talbot's hammer was used to repair the highly damaged Vongola Rings.


  • Talbot has a sheep, and taking care of the sheep was the reason why Talbot was late to the ceremony.
  • In drama cd, it's revealed that he used to own an antique shop.
  • In drama cd, Giotto described that Talbot is still young, which imply that Talbot is around Giotto's age or a few years younger than him when he joined Vongola.


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