Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Genkishi

Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Genkishi

Yamamoto Takeshi VS. Genkishi
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 199
Volume Souen Style Special Method Arrives!
Chapter Guide

Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Genkishi is the 199th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


The Yamamoto that Genkishi stabbed turns out to be a wall of water, and Yamamoto attempts to use Utsushi Ame against Genkishi. From there, he goes on to use Sakamaku Ame and immediately switches to Beccata di Rondine. Genkishi dodges, drawing his sword as he does so. Yamamoto comments that he has finally got him to draw his sword, and the two clash. Yamamoto has trouble finding the real Genkishi among the illusions and feints with Samidare, only to strike another illusion. Genkishi strikes with four swords from above and cracks the blade of Shigure Kintoki. Yamamoto remembers Squalo saying that against a fearful opponent, you must do anything to win. He lifts his sword, convinced of Shigure Soen Ryu's invincibility, and reveals that he knows a hint to defeating Genkishi.


Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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