Chapter 333

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 333
Volume Daemon Reborn Arrives!
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Tsuna's Pride
Rokudo Mukuro vs Daemon Spade

Swear is the 333rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Enma couldn't believe that everything was Daemon's doing when Tsuna and the others explain to him. He asked Tsuna if it is alright if he came to help them, to which Tsuna agrees. Reborn made a joke about how Tsuna and Enma make the absolutely and utterly no-good team. Lambo, asked which one is utterly no-good, chose Tsuna.

The Vindice came and announced that the loser is Enma. Tsuna defends Enma from them, saying that they no longer have any ill will towards each others. However, The Vindice told them that the battle cannot be stopped until the very end and that law was set in place by Giotto and Cozarto. The Vindice then revealed the sixth key that was a clear pacifier.

The memories of the first-generation bosses start to flood into their minds again. This time, it pictures Giotto and G. with Cozarto. Cozarto thanks Giotto for saving him and also comments on how long it has been when the three of them had been together. G asks how they are going to deal with the traitor (Daemon) and Cozarto suggests that they keep quiet about it. Cozarto states that much of their Famiglia were killed in the battle alongside the Vongola Famiglia, and suggests that they just let it stay the truth, except that the entire Famiglia was annihilated.

Cozarto also says that getting rid of Daemon Spade was going to be no easy task. If they planned to eliminate Daemon, much sacrifice would be involved. However, if Daemon was to live, the Simon Famiglia would be the Vongola's weak point. Giotto angrily asks if Cozart understands what he is saying, asking that disappearing and living in the shadows has nothing so heroic and grand about it. Cozarto mentions that they were "pretty reclusive" people after all, and states that his Familgia is not so weak. Giotto seems angered by this.

After that, Giotto agrees to this and states that as long as the Vongola exist, they will support the Simon from the shadows for eternity. Cozarto swears that the Simon Famiglia will not feel bitterness or resentment to the Vongola.

Then, two people from the Vindice appear. One appears to be a baby holding a clear Arcobaleno pacifier. Cozarto and Giotto seem surprised at the arrival of the two, then Giotto asks if he should call the larger of the two Bermuda Von Vichtenstein.

The memory ends, and Reborn sharply asks the Vindice where they got the clear pacifier. The Vindice say they have no reason to tell him. Tsuna is surprised to see Reborn this angry. Enma then says that he sort of understands what Cozarto felt. The Vindice then say that Enma will stay and watch the battle of both Famiglias until the end, stating that his imprisonment would be taken care of after the battle of his final guardian, which is Julie Katou/ Daemon Spade.

Elsewhere, the battle between Mukuro Rokudo and Daemon Spade has already started. Daemon states he will start getting serious, while Mukuro replies that he wouldn't have it any other way.


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