Sunny then Cloudy

Epi 184 Cover

Hare Nochi Kumo
Air Date May 15, 2010
Arc Inheritance Succession Arc
Episode 184
Opening Song Listen To The Stereo
Ending Song Famiglia
Episode Guide
Aloof Cloud
The Trap is Set

Sunny then Cloudy (晴のち雲) is the 184th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Even with the Airship out of control, Skull launches more attacks towards Hibari and Ryohei . Hibari defends everyone and the school , against the attacks, while Ryohei strikes the Airship with his Maximum Cannon , utterly destroying it. Skull manages to escape via a small airplane, and still pissed off at Hibari, launches more attacks, one of them heads towards Kyoko and Haru , but were saved by Hibari's Vongola Cloud Hedgehog . Hibari extremely pissed off, attacks Skull and sends him flying. After all the commotion, the entire group meets downstairs, where Ryohei is adamant to persuade Hibari. Hibari responds that it is no longer necessary, and that he doesn't like to leave his debts unpaid, much to the relief of everyone present. At that moment a sun flame appears, and Knuckle shows up and announces that Ryohei had already passed the inheritance test. As everyone was confused, Knuckle explains that Ryohei had managed to convince Hibari to take the succession test (something no one else managed to do) and stood against adversity without any fear, and therefore was worthy of his inheritance, he also mentioned that Ryohei didn't need Knuckle to tell him that he would be watched at all times. As Ryohei celebrates, another flame appears, this time it's Alaude that appears and declares that Hibari too, has passed the test. He explains that Hibari was able to refrain from socialising with the family and at the same time adapt to the situation and protect those that needed protection (Kyoko and Haru). As everyone celebrates, Knuckle mentions to Alaude that Hibari was just like him. Back at Kokuyo Land Chrome returns crying much to the shock of Ken and Chikusa who try to find out why but to no avail. At Tsuna 's house Ryohei, Gokudera , Yamamoto and Tsuna along with Colonnello , Fon and Reborn talk about their success so far and the test to come but outside their house, Daemon Spade was watching and states that Tsuna is unfit to unite the Vongola family just like how Primo was and disappears.

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