Sun Ring Battle

Sun Ring Battle

Arc Varia Arc
Location Namimori Middle School
Episodes 41-42
Chapters 94-95
Ryohei Sasagawa Lussuria
Fight Guide
Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Mukuro Rokudo
Lightning Ring Battle

The Sun Ring Battle was a match between the Tenth Vongola Sun Guardian, Ryohei Sasagawa and the Varia Sun Guardian, Lussuria. The match took place in the recently constructed Sun Arena in Namimori Middle School.


In order to gain the Vongola's Sun Ring and the right to be the next generation's Sun Guardian, Ryohei and Lussuria participate in the first round of the Ring Battle.


Sun Ring Arena

Sun Arena

Cervello instructs Ryohei and Lussuria to enter the Sun Arena, a special arena prepared specially for the Sun Guardians' Match. Before Ryohei enters the ring, Yamamoto gives him the idea to form a group circle. Ryohei, thinking that its a good idea, forces Tsuna and Gokudera to form a circle with him and Yamamoto and cheers for himself. Ryohei and Lussuria enter the ring and after checking that their rings are real, Cervello announces the rules. Ryohei takes off his clothes and Lussuria comments on his body, saying that he's his type and that he is taking him home. Ryohei ignores him and gets ready to fight. Lussuria, seeing his boxing pose, thinks that Ryohei is pathetic and gets ready to fight too with his Muay Thai. Cervello then signals the start of the battle and lights the surrounding area with blinding light. Without his sight, Ryohei gains a disadvantage and is attacked by his opponents who is wearing a pair of sunglasses. Ryohei tries to attack the air, hoping to get lucky and land a punch on Lussuria. However, Lussuria uses this as an opening and attacks from the side which causes Ryohei to be thrown to the edge of the ring where he is burned by the ropes and falls to the ground.

Ryohei Blind Attack

Ryohei attacking Lussuria

As Ryohei stands up, he managed to hit Lussuria. However, Belphegor reveals that Lussuria is merely playing with Ryohei and got hit on purpose. Knowing that his opponent is in midair, Ryohei attacks with his left hand but ends up punching a Metal Plate on Lussuria's knee, and injuring himself. Ryohei is also getting Dehydrated by the heat from the light which causes him to grow weak. Just then, Colonello, Ryohei's trainer, arrives and orders Ryohei to show Lussuria his true strength. While Lussuria belittles the power of his punches, Ryohei stands up and reveals that he has been using his left hand to attack. As Ryohei explains the power of his right hand, Lussuria uses some foot work and attacks him again. Ryohei stands up again and uses a Maximum Cannon on Lussuria. However, Lussuria belittles him again and reveals that Ryohei didn't really hit him. But Ryohei reveals that his target was not really Lussuria but the lights which were destroyed, enabling Ryohei to open his eyes. Lussuria is impressed and initially afraid that Ryohei is able to destroy the lights with his fist but Belphegor points out that Ryohei's body is covered with salt produced from evaporating sweat which he placed on his fist and used as pellets. Lussuria gains confidence and used the salt on Ryohei's body to destroy more lights. As Lussuria uses his footwork, Ryohei uses his Maximum Cannon again. However, he accidentally hits Lussuria's metal knee and injures himself. Just then, Kyoko arrives together with Hana and Tsuna's dad, Iemitsu. After seeing Ryohei covered with wounds, Kyoko tries to stop him from fighting but Ryohei promises that he won't lose and gets up. Ryohei uses another Maximum Cannon which is able to break Lussuria's metal knee and defeat him.


Ryohei demands Lussuria to give him the ring, but he refuses and wishes to continue the fight. However, he is attacked from behind by his comrades for being weak and Cervello announces that he is unable to move and announces the next match. After Cervello and the Varia leaves, Ryohei hands Tsuna the two halves of the sun ring and leaves with his sister.


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