A Sun Flame is one of the type of flames of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky.

Appearance Edit

Sun Flames possess a whitish core with layers of yellow enveloping it. Their most distinct characteristic are the small dot-shaped sparkles it beams, which are somewhat similar to small stars. They appear to be constantly in motion, spiking in some places and flowing in others.

Characteristic Edit

The Activation characteristic of Sun Flames has the power to induce and improve the efficiency of any type of activity. It can increase the rate of blood flow and cell regeneration, making it optimal for support roles such as healing and strengthening individuals. Sun Flames can also stimulate muscles and joints, increasing the user's body functions drastically. The Activation characteristic also makes it difficult to use Sun Flames in direct combat, as the user must spend his energy and Flames for healing in addition to attacking. Also, overusing the Activation characteristic can lead to cellular death.

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