Sun Enhancement Shot
Flame Fired | User Hit
Kangaryuu Firing
Title Sun Enhancement Shot
Manga Debut Chapter 269
Anime Debut Episode 197

The Sun Enhancement Shot is a procedure that Ryohei and Kangaryuu have to go through to complete their Cambio Forma.
The Sun Enhancement Shot is pure Sun Flames fired from Kangaryuu to Ryohei. Upon being shot, Ryohei's speed, reflexes, and overall agility is drastically increased because of the Sun Flames "activation" characteristic; in other words, Ryohei's body becomes "activated" in many ways, allowing him to perform physical feats that ordinary humans cannot.
However, ordinary humans can't withstand the strain of the Flames of the Enhancement Shot as they would collapse under the overwhelming pressure. Ryohei himself can only withstand this pressure for three minutes before the effects fade away.

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