Spettrale Spada

Genkishi Weilding the Illusion Sword

Title Spettrale Spada
Weapon Sword
Designer Koenig
Abilities Blade-splitting, Mist Flame projectiles
Size 1.2 ~ 2 m (expands according to the user)
Users Genkishi
Manga Debut Chapter 213
Anime Debut Episode 133

Spettrale Spada (lit. Spectral Sword) is one of the Box Weapons owned by Genkishi. With the Nebbia Numero Due and the Ossa Impressione Hell Ring, they make up what Shoichi describes as "Armamento da Guerra" (lit. Weaponry of War). Designed by Koenig, one of the 3 individuals who created the Box Weapons, Spettrale Spada is a notorious sword that Koening spent particular effort on and it is described as the strongest Mist-attribute sword that he designed. Its appearance is that of a large broadsword with an insect-like hilt.


It is said to create multiple blade trajectories with a single sword stroke. However, if one without sufficient power handles it, the attacks will turn towards the user. At any rate the ability to create multiple trajectories when swung makes possible to attack multiple targets simultaneously. It is also capable of launching arc-like projectiles from its sword strokes.

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