Special Flames are not categorically listed in the array from each flame class, whether from the Dying Will Flames of the Sky or the Dying Will Flames of the Earth.

Oath FlameEdit

Oath Flames

Oath Flame

The Oath Flame is a combination of the Earth Flame and Sky Flame that forms an extremely powerful Flame. This flame has the abilities of both the Sky and Earth Flame and was created when the Earth Simon Ring and the Ring of the Sky Version X fused together. Tsuna once used the Earth Flame's gravity ability to wrap his shattered bones back together, creating a reinforced skeleton. He can also use the Earth Flame's Gravity Manipulation to slow down or even immobilize his opponent. Using the Oath Flame, Tsuna is able to fire the X-Burner without having to take time to balance the Flames. The use of this Flame is possible because of the Sky Flame's Harmony and Tsuna's ability of understanding the other Flames.

Flame of NightEdit

Daemon uses the 8th Element

Eighth Element

The Flame of Night is the Flame used by the Vindice and Daemon Spade. It was brought into existence when Bermuda von Veckenschtein resisted Checker Face's extraction of his Pacifier, who only stole the Flame and not the Pacifier. The resulting transparent Pacifier allowed Bermuda to create the Flame of Night. It has a the distinct appearance of a heavy, inky darkness. It has an energy output higher than any other flame currently in use. It causes explosive bursts of energy when used, capable of decimating entire areas in a violent burst of power, and can connect different areas through portals for a quick escape or to coat the user, increasing their base power level. The Flame is governed by a set of laws that are personally enforced by the Vindice.

Flame of WrathEdit

Flame Of Wrath3

Flame of Wrath

The Flame of Wrath (Viz: Flame of Rage) is an extremely powerful and exceedingly rare type of flame. It is revealed that among all the previous Vongola Bosses, the only one who fought with bare hands was Vongola Secondo because of this Flame. The special characteristic of this Flame is its extreme destructive power which can reduce anything to ashes. This Flame was seen only when Vongola Secondo was enraged, earning itself the title of the "Flame of Wrath". Unlike the regular Dying Will Flame, there is no need to use a ring to ignite the flame. The Future Arc hints that the Flame of Wrath contains Storm Flames, as when Xanxus inserted it into his Box Weapon with the Sky Flames from his Varia Ring, a weapon that possessed Sky's Harmony and Storm's Disintegration came out.

Snow FlameEdit

Snow Flame

Snow Flame

The Snow Flame is a Flame utilized by Gelaro, the 10th boss of the Bertesco Famiglia and the apparent Vongola Snow Guardian. This Flame was only seen in the video game "Fate of Heat III: Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!" It is later revealed to simply be disguised Sky Flames. They seem to vaguely resemble Mist Flames, though they are much lighter in appearance. The margins of the Flame gradually turn into a light blue color, and there are also some "sparkling" elements inside of the Flame.

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