Solarstorm Fang
Technique | Explosion
Solarstorm Fang
Title Solarstorm Fang
Flame Rain, Storm and Sun
Abilities Brain Coating
Manga Debut Chapter 272
Anime Debut Episode 199

Solarstorm Fang is a powerful combination attack performed by Uri, Kangaryuu and Alfin. Kangaryuu shoots Uri with a Sun bullet to change Uri into a leopard while Alfin adds his Rain Flames to Uri's own Storm Flames. The resulting explosion causes destruction to a wide area. This attack is made possible through the use of Brain Coating (The Inter-Box Combination Launch System). This attack was first used against Ghost, the Real Six Funeral Wreaths Lightning Guardian, when he attacked the Vongola Guardians and the Millefiore's Funeral Wreaths. However, the attack was deflected by Ghost, sending Uri flying.

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