Sky Full of Desire

200 Cover

Yokubou ni michita Oozora
Air Date September 4, 2010
Arc Future Final Battle Arc
Episode 200
Opening Song Listen to the Stereo
Ending Song Canvas
Episode Guide
Ghost Awakens
Precious Moments in Time

Sky Full of Desire (欲望に満ちた大空) is the 200th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Dragged Trio

The power of the two techniques, dragging the trio

Ghost cries in agony and Tsuna in determination, as these two continue their battle, both using their Flame Absorption techniques. The two go all out in this battle of Flame absorption, with everything on the line for the Vongola, as only Tsuna's attack seems to have an effect on Ghost.
The power of these two techniques colliding was such that everyone around, were not only having their flames absorbed, but they were getting dragged towards the battle point.
Kikyo and the Vongola were having a hard time trying to keep their footing, a task which was by no means easy as their flames were being absorbed as well. They all watch this ongoing battle with baited breath, waiting to see who comes out victorious.

The intensity of this ongoing battle, was such that even as far as the Vongola campsite, the battle could be seen.
Ghost Sucked In

Ghost being sucked in

The girls seem worried for the safety of their friends, and Reborn silently asks Tsuna to hang in there.
Back at the battle, Tsuna lets out a cry of determination and ups the power of his technique, and Ghost's shield finally starts to get absorbed.
Tsuna Success

Tsuna victorious

But the startling thing was that it wasn't just Ghost's shield being absorbed, but Ghost too, began to get sucked in. Ghost cries in agony, and in a few seconds, he had been completely sucked in, having been completely absorbed by Tsuna. His ring falls to the ground silently, as everyone around try to take in what had just transpired.
Silence greets this astonishing turn around. Everyone tries to get their mind around what had just happened. Flan breaks the silence by comically stating the obvious. Slowly everyone starts to recover, Bel being the first to realize that Ghost was a bunch of flames in itself.
CO Tsuna

Tsuna wondering what had happened to Ghost's flames

Tsuna's allies and family start to celebrate Tsuna's success, Ryohei takes a step towards Tsuna to congratulate him, but is immediately ordered to stop by Tsuna, something seemed off.

Tsuna seemed to be thinking hard about something, and that's when it struck some of the others. Dino points out, that the power of Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, was to absorb enemy flames and make them your own, but after absorbing Ghost's flames, Tsuna's flames hadn't changed, it still remained the same.

This realization starts to dawn on the rest of the watching group as well. They start to wonder, why Tsuna's flames hadn't increased, even though Ghost had absorbed most of their flames.
Byakuran Arrives

Byakuran Arrives!

An uneasy feeling sets in, as Tsuna wonders what on earth happened to the flames that Ghost had absorbed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a familiar voice greets the group. Byakuran had arrived.
Talking in his usual carefree tone, Byakuran tells Tsuna that he's surprised that Tsuna had managed to defeat Ghost. Kikyo rejoices at the arrival of his boss, while the Vongola tense up, preparing for the inevitable battle.
Byakuran's New Outfit

Byakuran surveys his opponents

Byakuran surveys the people around him and comments on the "crazy lineup" before him. The boss of the Chiavarone Family, Dino, the Vongola's independent assassination squad, the Varia, the Vongola's outside advisor's team, part of the Kokuyo Gang and finally the 10th Generation Vongola Family, in other words, the strongest members of the Vongola Family, all in one place. Byakuran states that he's thrilled to have them all assembled in one place. Byakuran does however state his surprise at Tsuna's peculiar taste, his choice to work with both Xanxus and Mukuro, two people who had attempted to kill him at one stage,
Mukuro Hell Ring Blast 2

Mukuro attacks Byakuran

Byakuran smiles, and in his carefree tone, says that Tsuna's choices are pretty insane.

Xanxus doesn't take to kindly to these words. He calls out to Byakuran, and tells him that he, by no means works for Tsuna, and shoots him with his Flame of Wrath. Mukuro joins in, telling Byakuran that he thought that his words and actions could only fool an innocent girl and a foolish boy, and attacks him with a blast from his Hell Ring. Kikyo calls out to Byakuran in worry, as both attacks had hit home.

However, Byakuran emerges from these attacks completely unscathed. He asks the two attackers, what was up with those weak attacks, comments that they all look tired, and then says that he cant blame them since Ghost had absorbed most of their flames, and therefore the group before him, are basically running on empty.
Tsuna Battle Ready

Tsuna challenges Byakuran

This comment doesn't sit well on the two attackers, and they challenge Byakuran to prove that they are not to be underestimated. Hibari feeling a bit annoyed at Mukuro and Xanxus for doing all the talking and attacking, joins in, but all three of them are stopped by Tsuna, who with extreme determination, states that Byakuran is his.
Tsuna Kicks Byakuran

Tsuna begins his attack

Byakuran laughs off Tsuna's statement, and asks Tsuna whether he knew why he had shown up when he did. With a dangerous look in his eyes, Byakuran states that the reason was that his body and spirit were finally ready. Tsuna counters this statement by saying that he has been ready for a long time, and disappears.

Tsuna reappears right behind Byakuran. Byakuran turns around in shock and is greeted by a kick to the chin. Byakuran had a look of astonishment on his face, as Tsuna grabbed his head and knee's it, everyone looks on in surprise as Tsuna seemed to be dominating Byakuran. Lal wonders when Tsuna got this strong, Mukuro thinks to himself that this was the Tsuna who was summoned from the past and grew after experiencing the many battles he had faced in the future.
Byakuran Stops Tsuna

Byakuran stops Tsuna

Allies now look on with confidence, as their boss was dominating. Tsuna goes on the attack once again as Byakuran, was helpless in midair. He looks to once again land a punch on Byakuran, bit this time was stopped by Byakuran. The astonishing fact was not the fact that the punch was stopped, but the fact that Byakuran only used a single finger to stop him. Byakuran smiles playfully, and this time it was Tsuna who was astounded.
Byakuran wouldn't budge even though he was only using a single finger.
Tsuna Struck by Byakuran's White Finger

Tsuna blown away by Byakuran's technique

Tsuna wonders just what kind of strength Byakuran had, to be able to stop him so easily. Byakuran, still smiling, asks Tsuna if that's all he has, and then with a dangerous glint in his eyes, says that its his turn now.
Byakuran uses a technique he calls White Finger. Sky Flames emate from Byakuran's ring, and passes on to his finger, and Tsuna is immediately blow away by a powerful shock wave. Gokudera and Yamamoto scream in worry as Tsuna crashes to the ground.
White Finger Crater

The crater Tsuna created after being struck by Byakuran

Byakuran had finally begun his attack.

The impact of Tsuna's crash could be seen and heard all the way to the Vongola campsite. Everyone looks worried as the see the dust rising from the impact zone. Even Reborn thinks that things look bad.

The power of Byakuran's technique had made Tsuna create a large crater where he crashed, and Tsuna seemed down for the count. Gokudera and Yamamoto pleads to Tsuna to hang in there, and Tsuna, gets up very shakily. Byakuran looks down at Tsuna and tells him that he cant have him dying from just that.
Byakuran Wings

Byakuran's Wings

He then makes a statement that shocks everyone around, he says that he's only using a tenth of the Flames he had absorbed from Ghost.

At this moment another shocking development happens. From the scars on Byakuran's back, a pair of wings had started to grow. As the wings grow, Byakuran states that all the Flames Ghost had stolen, now belongs to him.

The realization of what Byakuran had just said starts to sink in. But not everyone was convinced. Dino questions the truth in Byakuran's statement by saying that he had never heard of someone taking flames from someone else without any contact.
Byakuran Ghost

The Byakuran & Ghost connection

Byakuran laughs and explains that Ghost was never another person, but a different version of him from a parallel world.
Absolute shock greets this statement. The fact that Byakuran had bought another version of him from a parallel world was hard to believe for the watching group. But Byakuran says that whether they believe it or not didn't matter, but the fact remains that Ghost had the ability to absorb flames, an ability which Byakuran lacked, and then transfer it to Byakuran. Mukuro then puts everything into clearer terms.
Flan Bel Duo

Bel notices that the wings were flames

If it was true that Byakuran had acquired the flames of everyone present, with the exception of Tsuna, then his power couldn't be measured.
The focus now shifts onto Byakuran's wings. Leviathan states that it's probably just for show, but Bel states the possibility that the flames were probably packed together so tightly that they look like wings. But Byakuran states that the wings weren't just merely flames, but a symbol, a symbol to show that he had gained power greater to that of a human.
Fierce Tsuna B

Tsuna getting serious

Dino and Squalo yell at Byakuran, asking him if he thought he was a god, but Kikyo says that Byakuran wasn't a god, but a devil.

Byakuran was interrupted by Tsuna, who tells him it doesn't matter what Byakuran was, or what kind of powers he had, he would still be taken down.
Byakuran tells Tsuna that taht was the spirit and both Tsuna and Byakuran started to release their flames. The intensity of these two rival bosses releasing their power, was such that the very air began to crackle. Byakuran tells Tsuna that he came to play, and that Tsuna had better entertain him.

The members at the camp see this new development, and Reborn tells everyone that the real battle was about to begin. Yuni thinks to herself that she had better hurry.
Byakuran & The White Dragon

Byakuran and his White Dragon

Tsuna takes off and immediately lands a punch on Bykuran, and he flows it up by a barrage of punches to the same area. But even through all this, Byakuran just smiles and tells Tsuna that it tickles.

Tsuna realizing that his punches were having no effect, backs off to create a bit of distance between the two. Byakuran smiles, asks Tsuna if he was finished, and begins to prepare his own attack.
Tsuna vs White Dragon

Tsuna uses Vongola Primo's Cloak to defend

Byakuran's palm glows with the golden Sky Flames, he tells Tsuna to play with his pet, and then Byakuran's very hand turns into a White Dragon.

Tsuna wonders how Byakuran's hand could turn into an animal, but the he notices an open box hanging from Byakuran's clothes. This was his Box Animal.
Byakuran sends the White Dragon to attack Tsuna, and Tsuna immediately opens his own box and goes into Cambio Forma, Modo Difesa, Mantello di Vongola Primo to defend against this attack.

Natsu and Tsuna successfully manage to hold off the Dragon, but Natsu seemed a bit shaken. Byakuran tells Tsuna that he was holding back most of its power during its previous attack. He tells Tsuna that he's the only person to have this kind of box, and then says that the next attack would go right through him.
White Dragon Caught

Tsuna freezing the White Dragon

Byakuran sends the White Dragon to attack Tsuna once again, Natsu lets out a snarl, but Tsuna tells him not to be baited. The Dragon heads for Tsuna, and this time, did manage to make a connection. When the flames clear, Tsuna had caught the Dragon and immediately used his Zero Point Breakthrough to freeze the dragon.

Tsuna now heads for Byakuran, telling Natsu to begin Cambio Forma, Mode Attacco as he does so. Upon hearing this, Tsuna's allies wonder if Natsu can turn into a weapon other than Vongola Primo's Cloak.
Gauntlet Of Vongola Primo

Mitena di Vongola Primo

Dino then explains that he had heard that when Vongola Primo focused all of his flames into his fist for an ultimate attack, his gloves would actually change form. His allies then begin to realize that Tsuna focusing all his flames into a single attack would be a punch as powerful as the X-Burner. This new weapon is called Mitena di Vongola Primo, Primo's gauntlet.

Tsuna charges towards Byakuran with the Gauntlet in hand, but Byakuran, for his part didn't even budge. He simply looks at the weapon, says that he'll be able to see how strong Tsuna was, and asks him to bring it on.

White Applause B

Byakuran using White Applause

Tsuna seems surprised that Byakuran wasn't attempting to avoid it. Tsuna now looking frustrated, thinks to himself that Byakuran was screwing around and continues his charge. Once he gets close enough, he releases a technique he called Big Bang Axle towards Byakuran. Byakuran didn't move as this technique gets closer, he simply puts his hands together and claps. And then, much to everyone's shock, Tsuna's technique, said to be as powerful as the X-Burner, simply vanished.

Byakuran, laughing, says that the Vongola Box has been defeated. Tsuna and his allies couldn't seem to comprehend what had just happened, so Byakuran explains.
Deadly Byakuran B

Byakuran charges towards Tsuna

He says that the technique he used was the ultimate defensive technique, White Applause. He says that, that technique had the power to shatter any technique. He then talks to Tsuna, he asks him if Tsuna had ever been this outclassed in a battle before, he asks Tsuna if he was afraid, and says that he shouldn't feel any shame in being scared, after all, even if Tsuna was a Mafia boss, he was still just a middle school student. He charges towards an intimidated looking Tsuna, charging his Sky Flames as he does so, and says that Tsuna is even welcome to wet his pants.
Tsuna being Crushed

Tsuna being crushed

Byakuran lands a vicious punch on Tsuna, that sends Tsuna crashing to the ground. Tsuna seemed pretty hurt, but he manages to get to his feet as Byakuran lands next to him. Byakuran acknowledges Tsuna trying hard, but then launches his next attack.
He makes a grab motion with his hand, even though he was some distance from Tsuna, but some kind of hand erupts from Byakuran's hand, and grabs Tsuna. Tsuna was completely immobilized, as his allies cry out in worry. Byakuran tells Tsuna that he can stop now, as he makes a squeeze motion with his palm, and immediately the giant hand which had grabbed Tsuna begins to squeeze him. Tsuna looked in absolute pain, as Byakuran continues the torture.


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