Silent Storm

182 Cover

Shizuka Naru Arashi
Air Date May 1, 2010
Arc Inheritance Succession Arc
Episode 182
Opening Song Listen To The Stereo
Ending Song Famiglia
Episode Guide
Furious Bolt of Lightning
Aloof Cloud

Silent Storm (静かなる嵐) is the 182nd episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Gokudera, impatient with the trials, begins training at the park early in the morning with Fon watching over him. That morning, another Gokudera appears and Fon states that he will distract the real Gokudera to give him some time. At school, while Tsuna and his friends discussing about when the next trial will begin, Tsuna notice that Gokudera has been calmer and more reliable than usual which arouses Tsuna's suspicion. While walking home, Tsuna and Gokudera run into the real Gokudera who reveals that G . has been impersonating him. G. reveals himself and asks Tsuna how his performance was at school. Tsuna comments that G. has been reliable and helpful which causes G. to denounce Gokudera as being unsuitable to be Tsuna's Right Hand man and deems him unworthy of being the Storm Guardian . When G. demands Gokudera to return the Vongola Ring and leave Japan, Tsuna defends Gokudera, stating that Gokudera is not supposed to be his Right-Hand man but his friend. Gokudera then states that he will protect Tsuna even without the inheritance. Fon then reveals that the trial was to test Tsuna and Gokudera's bond as a complete trust from the Boss is what needed to become a true Right-Hand Man and G. then deems Gokudera worthy of being the Guardian of Storm. 


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