Shoichi Irie Part 2

Target 145 Cover

入江 正一 その2
Irie Shōichi Sono Ni
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 145
Volume Hibird Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Power of the Rings
Lal Mirch

Shoichi Irie Part 2 is the 145th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Everyone that already came from the past arrived at the Vongola Base. Reborn begins to explain the situation to them, though leaving out the parts about the Mafia because of Kyoko and Haru's presence. In the infirmary, Tsuna awakens, and Gokudera briefly explains what happened after he lost consciousness. Tsuna expresses his panic at Kyoko coming over from 10 years ago, but is even more panicked when Gokudera reveals that everyone else came over as well. Haru, who was standing at the door, begins to cry, stating that this world was full of destruction. As Reborn comes in, Tsuna expresses his resolve that they must find a way to return to the past. As Tsuna began to get agitated, Reborn attempted to calm Tsuna down, when Gokudera suddenly interrupted and revealed that there was a hint in the letter his future self left. Gokudera reveals that if they defeat Byakuran and eliminate the person with glasses in the photograph, they will be able to return to the past. Somewhere else in Japan, the Cervello awaken Shoichi Irie, informing him that Nosaru and Tazaru of the 3rd squad were injured. At the Vongola base, Tsuna expresses his doubts about the letter's reliability, but Gokudera pleads with Tsuna to trust it, saying that he would never write something that would mislead him. Tsuna accepts it, then resolves to do what he must do to return to the past wholeheartedly.


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