Sea. Clam. Rainbow.

202 Cover

Umi. Kai. Niji.
Air Date September 18, 2010
Arc Future Final Battle Arc
Episode 202
Opening Song Listen to the Stereo
Ending Song Canvas
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Precious Moments in Time
To a New Future

Sea. Clam. Rainbow. (「海」「貝」「虹」) is the 202nd episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Byakuran Questions Tsuna

Byakuran watches this unprecedented event.

Byakuran stares at Giotto and Tsuna confused as to what was happening. After a moment's silence, Byakuran regains his cocky attitude, and asks Tsuna who the man in front of him was. Yuni, quickly answers this question, saying that the person who had appeared was the First Generation Vongola Boss, Giotto.
Byakuran laughs at Yuni's answer, asking her to stop joking around, and instead tells Tsuna that to use a hologram of his ancestors, wasn't a nice thing to do.

Yuni tells Byakuran, that even he should be able to sense that Giotto wasn't a hologram, earning a slight frown from Byakuran. Yuni explains that this kind of phenomenon would never happen with Byakuran's Mare Ring or her Pacifiers. She explains that this was only possible due to the Vongola Ring's miracle of the Vertical Space Time-Axis.
Mare Vongola Acrobaleno Target 202

The Sea, the Clam, and the Rainbow

Yuni explains that powers of the Tri-ni-set elements. She says that a song had been engraved to her memory since birth, "The Sea knows no bounds, the Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation, and the Rainbow appears from time to time before fading away." She explains that Sea means Mare, Clam means Vongola, and Rainbow means Arcobaleno, and the song represents the different natures of the three Tri-ni-set elements.

Yuni goes on to explain that the "Sea" which represents the Mare means that the Mare Rings hold the power to move horizontally among Parallel Worlds.
Tsuna and Giotto V

Tsuna and Giotto listen to Yuni's story

The Vongola have the power to pass down their traditions, from the past to the future, similar to the clam, and finally the Arcobaleno never stay in one spot, and appears as points of the Space Time Axis.

Yuni finishes off her explanation by saying that, just as Byakuran can gain knowledge and power from Parallel Worlds, Tsuna is able to inherit the "Time" of the Vongola.

Giotto Explains 2

Giotto turns his attention to Tsuna

Byakuran doesn't believe Yuni's story, pointing out that he got the ability to peer into Parallel Worlds before he got the Mare Ring. Yuni however, tells him that this only happened because the Mare Ring had already chosen Byakuran as its rightful bearer, just as Giotto had chosen Tsuna as his rightful successor.

Giotto, who had patiently listened to the conversation between Byakuran and Yuni, now turns his attention to his descendant, Tsuna. He tells Tsuna that he's about to unleash him, and explains that the Vongola Ring that Tsuna wears has yet to take on its true form.
Flame Comparison

Giotto explains the history of the Vongola Rings

He explains, that, to preserve the strict process of succession within the Vongola, the Vongola Rings were divided into two, with one set going to the current Vongola Boss, and the second going to the external advisor. However, Giotto explains, that to do this the power of the rings had to be sacrificed to compensate for the division, which meant that the Vongola Rings flame output, was weaker than its Tri-ni-set counterparts.
Connecting Gloves

The Gloves connecting

Giotto looks at Tsuna, and tells him that this was no longer necessary, as he believes that Tsuna will understand the true purpose of the Rings, and carry on his will.

Giotto brings his gloves closer to Tsuna's, and in doing so, the Vongola Emblem that connected the two draws closer to each other. Giotto connects his Gloves to Tsuna's and a light emates from the two.
Original Rings

The Original Vongola Rings released

Tsuna watches astonished as his Gloves glow, and then begins to release a furious amount of Flames. Soon, each of the Guardians' rings begin to glow, as bright Sky Flames surround the area, and once it clears, Tsuna stares at his ring, to see that it had completely changed.
It wasn't just Tsuna who stared at his ring, shocked at the change. Everyone of his Guardians were staring at their own rings, which had changed along with Tsuna's. Giotto had released the rings which hadn't been seen for Eight Generations of the Vongola Family, the Original Vongola Rings had been released.
Primo encouraging Decimo

Giotto encourages Tsuna

As Tsuna continues to stare at his new Ring, Giotto puts his hand on Tsuna's shoulder, smiles, and tells his to give the "Mare Boy" a scare, before leaving, having given his descendant the true power of the Vongola.

Byakuran laughs at Tsuna and Giotto, telling Tsuna that his ancestors liked to play around, but the air around Tsuna had changed, and before Byakuran could let out another word,
Byakuran vs Tsuna N

Tsuna defends against Byakuran

Tsuna used astonishing speed to smash Byakuran right into the Barrier. Allies were astounded by Tsuna's burst of speed, and Tsuna looks at his new ring, realizing the true power of the Vongola Ring.

Byakuran, acknowledges the change in Tsuna, but still confident, he changes his right arm into that of the White Dragon and sets off to attack Tsuna.

Tsuna immediately summons Natsu who goes into his defensive form, Mantello di Vongola Primo to successfully defend against Byakuran's attack. Tsuna didn't let up, immediately switching into his attack mode, Mitena di Vongola Primo, to launch an attack.
Tsuna Appears Behind Byakuran

Tsuna uses his amazing speed, to get behind Byakuran

He releases a much stronger version of his Big Bang Axle, which he dubbed Burning Axle, at Byakuran. Byakuran, astonished between the speed in which Tsuna switched mode, decides to use White Applause, the same technique that he had used to effortlessly defend against Tsuna's earlier attack, Big Bang Axle, but this time, although he managed to stop the attack,
Burning Axel 2

Byakuran struck by the Burning Axle

his palms took damage, instantly spouting blood. Byakuran winces in pain, but maintains his composure, taunting Tsuna, telling him that he had only been using 80% of his power, but Tsuna appears behind Byakuran, and informs Byakuran, that he was only using 50%, before once again launching Burning Axle, this time successfully connecting with Byakuran. Byakuran screams in pain, as he's hit by the technique, but Tsuna wasn't done yet. Using his amazing speed, Tsuna appears behind Byakuran, grabs his Wings, and kicks him over the head. The power of Tsuna's kick, and the fact that Tsuna was holding onto Byakuran's wings, made Byakuran lose his wings, as he crashes into the ground with tremendous force.
Byakuran's Wings Burned

Tsuna burns Byakuran's wings

Tsuna's allies stare, stunned at Tsuna's boost in strength, and his utter dominance in battle. Tsuna calls out to Byakuran as he burns Byakuran's wings. He asks him if he's been reduced to a human, now that he had lost his wing, but this statement wasn't met by Byakuran's normal, cocky, carefree voice, but by quite a sinister laugh.
Byakuran's Black Wings

Byakuran grows Black Wings

Byakuran laughs, sounding happy rather than worried, he states, quite excitedly that the Tsuna in front of him was amazing. The smoke around Byakuran clears, to reveal a blood stained Byakuran, but he didn't seem worried about the injuries at all, on the contrary, he looked quite happy.
Byakuran continues his maniac like laugh, and says that he's been to many parallel worlds, but this was the first time he's received this much damage. His eyes glinting in excitement, Byakuran says that he's happy, and that he never expected this day to come, and as new Black Wings emerge from Byakuran, he says that he can finally use his full power.

Pushed Back Byakuran

The battle resumes

Tsuna looks at Byakuran's new wings, and comments that it'll take more than a change in appearance to defeat him. Byakuran laughs his sinister laugh, tells Tsuna to stop joking around, before taking off to resume their battle.

Tsuna blocks Byakuran's blow, and immediately Natsu uses his Sky Lion Roar to try to petrify Byakuran, but Byakuran manages to duck underneath the attack, only to be met by a powerful elbow from Tsuna.
Black Dragons

Byakuran launches his Black Dragons

As Byakuran was sent flying, he regains his balance, and uses another version of his box animal, the Black Dragon. Two of these dangerous beasts emerge from Byakuran and heads straight for Tsuna, but Tsuna manages to avoid these dragons, gets to Byakuran, and launches another punch, forcing Byakuran to defend.

Tsuna taunts Byakuran, asking him if this was all the power he had, saying that he had only just begun. Byakuran grins in his same excited manner, and tells Tsuna, that if Tsuna had just started, then he hadn't even begun. Byakuran's wings grow larger, and from it emerges dozens of claw like figures.
Feeding Life

Yuni feeding her "Life Flames" to the Pacifiers

As it heads towards Tsuna, Tsuna uses his Sky Flames to cut them down, but then realizes that the now severed claws were heading straight for Yuni. But instead of hitting her, the claws simply bounce off Yuni, who was now covered in a mass of Sky Flames.
Kyoko & Haru in Tears as they Watch Yuni

Kyoko and Haru in tears, trying to stop Yuni

Tsuna stares at the Yuni, wondering about the incredible amount of Sky Flames surrounding her. Byakuran seemed to understand what was happening, and comments that Yuni has now begun feeding her Flames to the pacifiers, Byakuran looks at Yuni with a serious expression, and asks her in a grave tone, if she was seriously going to sacrifice her life to the pacifiers.
Yuni’s friends couldn’t believe what Yuni was planning, they try to talk her out of it, to stop her from sacrificing her life, Kyoko and Haru in particular were in tears telling her to stop her, but Yuni had a sad yet determined expression on her face, her mind was set.

Yuni Sad Smile

Yuni explains with a sad smile

Tsuna calls out to Yuni, telling her to stop, telling her that they’ll find another way, but Yuni responds to Tsuna in a sad tone, telling him that this needed to be done in order to send Tsuna and the rest safely back to the past, and also, in doing so she would save countless lives. She continues in her sad tone, that she finally has the power to use her power for good, saying that this was the only gamble she could take, a moment which she couldn’t avoid, she tells them that this was her fate.

Tsuna stops Byakuran

Tsuna stops Byakuran

Tsuna looks both sad and reluctant at this statement, he looks at Yuni and tells her that he can’t accept her reasoning. An unlikely person agrees with Tsuna, but for different reasons. Byakuran rushes to Yuni with a fierce expression on his face, he agrees with Tsuna’s earlier statement, but, instead of Tsuna’s reason of friendship, his reason was greed. As he rushes to Yuni he tells her not to even think of dying without his permission, as he draws closer, he is suddenly stopped by Tsuna, who had a look of utter determination, as he tells Byakuran that he’ll never let him have Yuni. Byakuran frowns, annoyed at Tsuna’s interference, and tells Tsuna that if Tsuna insists on interfering, he’ll have to eliminate Tsuna first.
Allies Attempting To Break the Barrier

The allies attempting to break the barrier

Saying this he kicks Tsuna into the air, but Tsuna manages to steady himself, and hurls himself at Byakuran, sending both of them crashing into the ground. The two rivals, with contrasting emotions and reasons for victory, resume their fierce struggle for victory.
As Tsuna and Byakuran resume their battle, Mukuro states that they (the allies) couldn’t afford to just sit and watch the battle, he states that it was time they broke the barrier and rescued Yuni.
Yuni Pictures Her Death

Yuni pictures her death

Dino agrees, saying that regardless of what Yuni decides to do, she was in too much danger, being in the firing range of such a fierce battle.

Each one of the allies agree, and start attacking the barrier, attempting to break it, but, as Gokudera pointed out, no matter what they did, the barrier wouldn’t flinch.

Inside the barrier, Yuni was well on her way to reviving the Arcobaleno. She thinks of her grandma and her mum, and thinks that she’ll be seeing them soon.
Tsuna and Byakuran Creates Some Distance

Tsuna and Byakuran acknowledge each other's strength

A picture of Gamma appears in her head, accompanied by an image of the aftermath of what she was about to, she lets out a slight gasp as the image of her skeleton goes through her mind.
Tsuna and Byakuran continue to trade blows, and after a while they both take a step back, feeling the effects of the battle. Tsuna acknowledges Byakuran’s strength, telling him that Byakuran wasn’t kidding when he said he hadn’t even got started earlier, Byakuran returns the compliment, telling Tsuna that he had never expected him to be this strong. But Byakuran looks towards Yuni telling Tsuna, that in the end, Yuni will be his.
Yuni Crying 2

Yuni Crying

However, upon seeing Yuni, Byakuran seemed to have a confused look, Tsuna, looks towards Yuni as well, to see what Byakuran was staring at.

Yuni’s flames seemed to be shrinking, she falls on her knees, tears pouring from her eyes. She thinks to herself that she was scared of dying. The allies, who hadn’t figured out what was wrong with Yuni, seemed perplexed by this sudden change.

Yuni's Flames Shrinking

Yuni falls to the ground, as her flames shrink

Byakuran looks at the crying Yuni, and a smile crosses his face. He comments in a victorious tone, that the reason for this sudden change, was probably because Yuni was afraid of dying. Tsuna pleads with Yuni, telling her it was ok, that they’ll find another way, but Yuni shakes her head sadly, her face brimming with tears, and says there’s no other way and stands up once again, reigniting her flames as she does so.
Amidst the confusion, Basil shouts out “now” as his Box Animal begins to rise. But the strange thing about this was that, Alfin was rising with many more Box Animals, all connected to him.

Alfin and Basil Attack

Basil and Alfin about to attack the barrier

Everyone watches this new development, realizing that what Basil was attempting, was a Box Combination attack, which consisted of all the Vongola Allies boxes. Reborn looks at this new technique, and says that this might just be enough to break through the barrier.

Gamma Approaches Yuni

Gamma approaches Yuni

Basil and Alfin charge towards the barrier and attacks the barrier with this technique, which they dubbed Super Nova Ocean. The attack creates a massive impact, but even a technique of this power could only create a slight crack in the barrier. Basil curses the failure, but a figure leaps towards the crack, saying that a crack was more than enough.
Gamma leaps through the crack and right into the barrier, where he was immediately face-to-face with Yuni. Yuni looks surprised to see his arrival, but he greets her casually, and tells her it was cold of her to run off again right after they had been reunited. He smiles at Yuni and tells her, that his flames are hers to use.

Reborn meets Gamma

Gamma remembers his conversation with Reborn

Gamma thinks back to the time when the Vongola group were making plans for the battle, and when Reborn took him aside to have a private word with him. He remembers Reborn asking him about how he felt about Yuni, with Reborn pointing out how fond Yuni was of him. Reborn tells him that they were running out of time, and how, if you let the chance go you might never get it back.
Yuni & Gamma H

Gamma hugs Yuni

Reborn reminds Gamma about how the Sky Arcobaleno show more emotion and smile brighter than anyone else, but how their fate dictates that they don’t live a long life. Reborn tells Gamma that Yuni won’t have a chance to grow up, and advices Gamma to stop treating her like a child and start treating her as a person.
Remembering this, Gamma hugs Yuni, and tells her that he won’t let her do this alone, he looks at Yuni who still had tears in her eyes and smiles. Gamma’s partners, Nosaru and Tazaru pleads with Gamma to stop what he was doing, but Gamma simply smiles. Yuni looks at Gamma, surprised, Gamma smiles at her and tells her if she remembers what she whispered in his ear the day she went to meet Byakuran. He tells her that he never got a chance to give her his reply, he leans towards Yuni and whispers something into her ear.
Yuni's Last Smile 2

Yuni hugs Gamma, as she smiles for the last time

This reply makes Yuni cry even more, and Gamma tells her that she shouldn’t be so sad when they’re about to set off, telling her kindly, that this wasn’t what her mother taught her. Upon hearing this, Yuni hears her mother voice telling her that that she should smile from her heart when she’s happy.
Yuni & Gamma Disappear

Yuni and Gamma disappear

Yuni smiles upon hearing this and buries her head in Gamma’s chest and begins the final step of her technique.

As allies watch in despair, Yuni and Gamma simply disappear, leaving only their clothes behind. Tsuna screams for Gamma and Yuni and immediately heads for the place where they stood, just moments ago. Tsuna stares at the remains, and reaches out for Yuni’s pacifier. He grabs the pacifier, thinking of Yuni, and looks at it with a mixture of sadness and surprise.

Fuuta, who too looked surprised by what had transpired, snaps out of his trance, and immediately points out that, even though Yuni had died, the Arcobaleno had not been revived. Reborn calms him by telling him that even though they might not have been revived,
Tsuna looks at Yuni's Pacifier

Tsuna stares at Yuni’s Pacifier

the Arcobaleno had received Yuni’s flames, but that it’ll take a bit of time for them to return.
Tsuna, who paid no attention to the conversation between the two, still stares at Yuni’s pacifier which he was holding in his hand. Byakuran lands a few feet away and blames Tsuna for what had happened. He talks in a depressed tone, saying that he had finally found the missing piece of the puzzle, and now it was gone.
Byakuran Blown Away By Tsuna's Flames

Byakuran pushed back by Tsuna’s release of Flames

He continues by saying that his dream of awakening the Tri-ni-set, and become the ruler of all space and time was shattered by Tsuna and Yuni’s act of friendship. Byakuran, having lost his cool, now screams at Tsuna, asking him if he knew what this meant. But Tsuna seemed to have had enough. He squeezes Yuni’s pacifier, and releases a furious amount of flames, that sent Byakuran scurrying back. Byakuran stares at Tsuna, who was now covered with a tornado of flames. Tsuna, who had been silent all this time, finally begins to speak.
Tsuna, his voice packed with anger and sadness, asks Byakuran in a slow tone, who it was that pushed Yuni into making such a decision,
Pissed Tsuna

A furious Tsuna turns to face Byakuran

he turns slightly towards Byakuran, and tells him that he ruined their worlds, which led Yuni to do what she did. Tsuna now turns to face Byakuran and tells him, with tears in his eyes, that he was the reason Yuni had died. Tsuna, his voice now filled with rage, and his eyes taking on a dangerous look, releases a furious amount of flames, and tells Byakuran, that he alone, he will never forgive.
Byakuran Serious

Byakuran begins to release a vast amount of Flames

The release of Tsuna’s Flames begins to crack the previously said unbreakable barrier. But Byakuran wasn’t moved. He looks at Tsuna and scornfully repeats Tsuna’s statement, he begins to laugh, telling Tsuna that he was a joke. He tells Tsuna that he might have been able to understand Tsuna’s reaction had he viewed Yuni as a powerful tool, after all, Yuni had the power to make him a god, but the fact that he treated Yuni as an ordinary girl was something beyond him.

Byakuran continues, telling Tsuna that Tsuna’s desire to attack him was nothing more than a humanistic rush of emotions, he tells Tsuna that if that was the best answer that the human society had, then they fail hard. Saying this, Byakuran himself begins to release powerful flames to match Tsuna.
Black Flames

Byakuran prepares his finishing move

Byakuran shouts, as the barrier continues to crack, that individual desires will trump collective hypocrisy every time, pronouncing that, that was the world they lived in. Roots shoot out of Byakuran’s feet as he says this, as he stabilizes himself for a powerful attack, wanting to finish this battle in one final attack.
The allies watch this heated confrontation in baited breath, they notice the roots that had shot out from Byakuran’s leg, and Kikyo immediately understands that Byakuran was stabilizing himself for a final attack, but as Kikyo says this Tsuna changes his own stance.
Byakuran And Tsuna Final Attack Preperations

Tsuna and Byakuran prepare their final attacks

One hand points forward, while the other takes its place behind him. Tsuna then says “Operation-X”, to which gages appear in his eyes. Tsuna was about to counter Byakuran with his own deadly technique, the X-Burner.
The two rivals, full of hate for each other each prepare their own deadly finishers. The heated enemies make use of the preparation period for these attacks, to have one final exchange of thoughts. Byakuran screams at Tsuna that his actions served no purpose, and how Yuni and her pacifiers were the best toys he had ever had. Tsuna shouts back at Byakuran, telling him to stop insulting Yuni, he stares at Byakuran and tells him ferociously that he was going down.
Tsuna & Byakuran Final Attacks

Tsuna and Byakuran’s Final Attacks Clash

The barrier, unable to withstand the intensity of the Flame release by the two bosses now begins to completely shatter. Byakuran shouts out “Die” and Tsuna, “Take this” as they both release their finishing moves.
The two bosses fire their most powerful techniques, hoping finally to end the battle. These two techniques clash in the center of the battlefield, with the two bosses giving everything they had to make the techniques as powerful as possible. Byakuran and Tsuna scream as they continue to give their techniques more power,
Byakuran Struck By The X-Burner

Byakuran struck by the X-Burner

the release of these two powers were incredible, as they grow bigger with every passing moment. But soon, Tsuna’s X-Burner begins to overpower Byakuran’s technique, and in a few short moments completely destroys it, and eventually hits Byakuran.
Byakuran screams in agony as the X-Burner hits him, and soon, he begins to remember bits of his past. Byakuran recalls his first meeting with the Cervello. He recalls two of their members approaching him, and offers him the Mare Ring, stating that they have finally found the rightful bearer of the ring.
Byakuran's Meeting with the Cervello

Byakuran’s meeting with the Cervello

Byakuran laughs upon hearing this and tells them that he’s been waiting for something like this to happen, since he lost faith in the real world long ago. He states that everywhere he went society was just a backdrop, and this became clear after he travelled to the Parallel Worlds. Byakuran tells the Cervello that he’ll take anything that’ll make the world more fun, but warns the Cervello that he’ll use the Mare Ring to its full potential, even dabbing at things like World Domination and Global War. The Cervello promises to never interfere with Byakuran’s plans, but warns him, that if he viewed this as a game, he should be aware that there are two other players in this game.
Byakuran's Last Smile

Byakuran’s last smile

Byakuran welcomes the challenge, stating a game would be boring without rivals.
Byakuran snaps back to the present, and continues to scream in agony as the X-Burner had hit him. He looks at Tsuna and thinks to himself, that he never really hated humans, in fact he felt warm when in the presence of others, he assures himself that he wasn’t being pessimistic, he remembers that he was always good at finding fun things to do,
Tsuna Wins

Tsuna stands victorious

and that he tried his best to have fun, but to him something about the world didn’t seem right, he looks at Tsuna, wanting to see if Tsuna agreed. He see’s Tsuna eyes and laughs, as he realizes that Tsuna didn’t agree with him at all. His final thoughts cross his mind, he laughs thinking it was so bright, and as the Mare Ring slips out of his finger, Byakuran smiles for one last time, accepting his loss.

Byakuran disappears and the barrier shatters, the crater left by Tsuna’s X-Burner was visible for all to see, and as the Mare Ring falls to the ground with a soft “clink”, Tsuna stands victorious, still in his stance for the X-Burner.


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