Sadachi: Kirisame
Attack | Effect
Flame Rain
Users Takeshi Yamamoto
Similar Techniques
Manga Debut Chapter 327

Sadachi : Kirisame is the first offensive Twelfth stance of the Shigure Soen Ryu style used through Yamamoto's Cambio Forma: Asari Ugetsu's Four Irregular Swords-Version Vongola Gear. This technique was first used against the Vongola's 1st Generation Guardian of the Mist Daemon Spade. This technique uses the left blade Jirou to fire multiple compressed airwaves which can cut the enemy into pieces. Even if the attack doesn't hit, it will use the left blade Jirou's ability to "Sniff" out the enemy and catch its smell by touching the air, allowing it to instantly remember what the opponent smells like. It is synchronized with Yamamoto, allowing him see the what he's slashed through smell, thus making it impossible for the opponent to hide. Therefore, this is the perfect technique against illusionists.


  • This Form has an amazingly strong resemblance to Genkishi's attack in the Choice Battle, (Danza Spettrale Spada). It is highly possible that this is where Yamamoto conjured the idea of this form from.

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