Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Lussuria

Target 94

笹川 了平VS.ルッスーリア
Sasagawa Ryōhei VS. Russūria
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 94
Volume Before the Showdown
Chapter Guide
Before the Decisive Battle
Ryohei's Right

Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Lussuria is the 94th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


The Cervello reveal the arena for the battle between Ryohei and Lussuria, a boxing ring with blinding lights shining upon it. They then call the Sun Guardians onto the arena. Before Ryohei goes, Yamamoto suggests that they do a group circle, which they do, making Ryohei passionate about the battle. Outside the school, Iemitsu and Basil knock out the Ninth Boss's subordinates, entering Namimori Junior High. In the arena, the Cervello confirm that Ryohei and Lussuria's Rings are genuine, and order them to hang their rings around their neck. Ryohei enters a boxing stance, and Lussuria enters a Muay Thai stance. The Cervello then announce the beginning of the battle, flaring the lights, blinding Ryohei and the spectators. Lussuria, wearing shades, charges forward and punches Ryohei, pushing him back. Lussuria beats Ryohei around, eventually punching him into the rope, burning Ryohei, which was heated to several hundred degrees. Ryohei senses Lussuria and punches him into the air; however, Lussuria was hit on purpose and charges towards Ryohei in the air, pointing his leg at him, which Ryohei punches, severely injuring his fist, Lussuria's leg revealed to be a metal one with a plate. Colonello then arrives, telling Ryohei to stand up and fight properly, to which Ryohei replies that he was waiting to hear those words.


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