Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Baishana

Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Baishana

Sasagawa Ryōhei Bāsasu Baishana
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 188
Volume Sistema C.A.I. Arrives!
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Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Baishana is the 188th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


As Ryohei's attack settles down, Baishana exclaims in shock that his Storm Serpent's scales were damaged. Ryohei reveals that his Sereno Gloves have a high healing capacity, neutralizing his Storm Serpent's degeneration ability, as the Sereno Gloves' cell regeneration capacity was faster. Baishana, however, states that he has already seen through his attack and unleashes his Storm Stag Beetles. Ryohei attempts to beat them off, then propels himself upwards with his Dying Will Flames. Baishana then orders his Storm Serpent and Storm Beetles to attack Ryohei simultaneously.

However, Ryohei, using the sun's activation power, made the Storm Beetles self-destruct, as well as dodging the Storm Serpent. Baishana quickly opens a channel to Shoichi and requests reinforcement, but much to Shoichi's despair, there were no reinforcements in the area, and he concluded that the Vongola would reach the research lab soon.


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