Cloud Hedgehog 1

Title Porcospino Nuvola
Designer Lorenzini
Animal Hedgehog
Abilities Propagation
Power B
Intelligence B
Speed B
Stamina A
Size 30cm (11.8 inches)
  • Needle Sphere Form
  • Reversed Needle Sphere Form
Manga Debut Chapter 153
Anime Debut Episode 82
Drunken Hedgehog

Cloud Hedgehog - drunk on Hibari's extreme flame

Roll is Hibari's Cloud Box Weapon that possesses the ability of Propagation. Roll propagates all parts of its needle-covered back to use them as either weapons or foothold. By means of a strong Flame, it can create an impervious dome that cannot be broken by normal attacks; however, if too strong, Roll will become drunk on the excessive amount of Flame. It can also curl over his own body to form a sphere of needles and then propel itself forwards to attack targets at a distance, as if a projectile weapon.


  • Propagation: By making use of the Cloud-attribute Propagation ability, it can absorb any Flames (including those of its opponent) and use them to either expand in size or multiply in numbers.
  • Roll's Armor can be detached and used for various offensive and defensive maneuvers, such as swiftly creating a shield near Hibari.
  • Needle Sphere Form (球針態): After being injected with strong Flames, the Cloud Hedgehog can form an airtight sphere around a target to entrap him.
  • Reverse Needle Sphere Form (裏球針態): Creation of a completely segregated space that does not allow the presence of any other than two selected individuals. Even other Box Weapons are prevented from entering. Not only it requires strong Flames, but also a great quantity of oxygen is consumed during the formation of the dome and whatever is left inside of the segregated space will be quickly exhausted to maintain it.


  • Kusakabe refers to Roll mentally as "Barinezumi" (a portmanteau of Hibari and harinezumi, or hedgehog in Japanese).
  • Roll's favorite food happens to be chikuwa.
  • Future Hibari has multiple Cloud Hedgehog Box Weapons.
    • Because of this, during Future Hibari's training spar with Tsuna, Tsuna was able to steal one of them and use it against Hibari.


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