Rokudo Mukuro vs Daemon Spade

Chapter 334 Cover

Rokudō Mukuro bāsasu Deimon Supēdo
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 334
Volume Daemon Reborn Arrives!
Chapter Guide

Rokudo Mukuro vs. Daemon Spade is the 334th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


As the battle between Mukuro and Daemon continues, Daemon brings out what appears to be a normal deck of playing cards, but Daemon reveals that with both the Mist Flame and Julie Katou's Desert Flame, he holds the two jokers that creates illusions and that Mukuro's illusions couldn't defeat his. Mukuro then pulls out his Vongola gear ore and upgrades it into the Earring of the Mist Version X. Mukuro calls upon Mukuro Version X and uses Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear, which turns Mukuro's Trident into a Khakkhara .

Mukuro uses his khakkhara with his Six Paths of Reincarnation which takes shape outside and surrounds Daemon in all six shapes of Mukuro's Eye. This powerful technique then deceives Daemon Spade's Devil Lens, trapping Daemon within it. Daemon is then seen falling into a giant Mukuro's hand before getting squished and wrapped up in what appears to be a lotus flower. Just as Mukuro is about to finish him off, Daemon changes into an illusion of Chrome Dokuro, who pleads him to stop, but Mukuro recognizes that she is an illusion.

Daemon vs Mukuro End

Daemon drifting away

Mukuro's six shapes of eyes change into Daemons cards where M.M., Chikusa Kakimoto, Ken Joshima and Flan suddenly materialize from. These illusions of Mukuro's so-called friends attack him, but with Daemon using his friends to attack, he thinks that Mukuro would not fight back or at least will make Mukuro's concentration dull, but Mukuro uses his khakkhara to strike them all down at once. Mukuro states that he doesn't share emotional bonds with the five of them, stating that he is on his own and will not hesitate to kill them.

The illusion fades along with Daemon who slowly changes back into Julie as he thinks and comments that Mukuro's possession is on a different level as his bond is absolute. He then calls Mukuro and his group as an absurd group of guys as he seemingly fades away, with Mukuro bidding him farewell.


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