Rizona 2

  • Evocatore Famiglia Member
  • Albito's Right-Hand Woman
Gender Female
Status Alive
Famiglia Evocatore Famiglia
Partner Albito
Weapons Teddy Bear "Roza Rosa"
Flame Sun
Seiyu Aya Hirano

Character OutlineEdit

Rizona is a character introduced in the Fate of Heat DS Game.

History Edit

She is a transfer student from Italy. She's later revealed as a member of the Evocatore Famiglia and Albito's right-hand woman.

Personality Edit

A taciturn, strong-willed girl, she fights using the spirit technique passed down in the Evocatore Famiglia.

Appearance Edit

She has long, wavy blonde hair and wears mostly black.

Plot OverviewEdit

Fate of Heat and Fate of Heat 2Edit

During the events in Fate of Heat and Fate of Heat 2, her main role is to fight alongside the Vongola Famiglia, only appearing as a supporting character.

Gallery Edit


Rizona and Roza Roza


Rizona foh2
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