Reverse One Ton Mallet
Anime | Manga
Reborn's Mallet
Weapon Mallet
Abilities Forcing Dying Will Mode deactivation
User Reborn
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 145

The Reverse One Ton Mallet is an item that only Reborn can use. In the manga, the mallet forcibly deactivates the person hit with the mallet's Dying Will Mode. When hit, the target's Dying Will Bullet in their head is forcibly ejected. After the mallet is used, the target will think that their experience in Dying Will Mode was just a dream. However, in the anime, the mallet is just used for comedic purposes. The mallet weighs one ton, but Reborn can swing it around as if it were as light as a feather.


  • In the anime, Leon uses his shapeshifting abilities to become the mallet, but in the manga, the mallet is a separate entity.

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