Reverse Needle Sphere Form
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Reverse Needle Sphere Creation
Title Reverse Needle Sphere Form
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Manga Debut Chapter 204
Anime Debut Episode 127

Reverse Needle Sphere Form (裏球針態, Ura Kyūshintai) is the creation of a completely segregated space that does not allow the presence of any other than two selected individuals. A battle could not be interfered with from the outside. From the inside of the sphere, it looks like you're in the sky, with a large invisible circular wall surrounding you. There are spikes located on the walls inside the sphere like an arena ring. Even other Box Weapons are prevented from entering and no Boxes can be used inside. However, a Ring's attribute can still be used because it only seals the Box Weapons but not the Dying Will Flames from the user. It requires strong Flames to maintain itself and a great quantity of oxygen is consumed during the formation of the dome.