Chapter 229

Arc Choice Arc
Chapter 229
Volume Vongola Box Arrives!
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Real 6 Funeral Wreaths

Return is the 229th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


After that, Tsuna and his Guardians obtain the Vongola Box Weapons from Shoichi Irie. Suddenly, Squalo's voice is heard through the headphones. Squalo asks them if they are still alive, but was interrupted by Xanxus, who throws a rock at his head. Xanxus then speaks to Tsuna, asking him if he was a little less immature yet, and tells him to show that the Vongola were the strongest. Chrome then asks Shoichi if she knew the whereabouts of Mukuro Rokudo, to which Shoichi grimly replied that he took control of a Millefiore soldier, but was killed by Byakuran, shocking everyone. However, Shoichi followed up, stating that he didn't think so, as his name never appeared on the Vendicare Prison, much to Chrome's relief. Kusakabe questions if they could have the Vongola Famiglia of this era join them, but Shoichi replies that this world's space-time continuum would be destroyed. After that, Tsuna, with help from Reborn, allows Shoichi and Spanner to join the Vongola. Tsuna asks Shoichi if he needed help, to which Shoichi simply replied to go back to the hideout and see his friends. Afterwards, as they reunite, Tsuna comments that their hearts swelled with joy to be able to see their friends again.


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