Target 155

Arc Future Arc
Chapter 155
Volume Ver.V.R. Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Kyoya Hibari vs. Gamma
Meeting Up

Return is the 155th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Hibari quickly defeats Gamma and greets Tsuna. the latter quickly greeting him back happily. Hibari then points out to Tsuna that Gokudera and Yamamoto were lying defeated in the forest. Kusakabe stops him, however, stating that their lives weren't in danger. Lal Mirch silently watches in concealed amazement, remarking mentally that Hibari was able to defeat Gamma without a Vongola Ring. Hibari then shows them the entrance to the base, walking straight through a pillar of Namimori Shrine. Lal Mirch then hides the Storm and Rain Vongola Rings' signal from the Millefiore, who are watching through a radar. Shoichi quickly orders the Cervello to tell the 3rd Squad, led by Gamma, to retreat immediately. Byakuran then appears over a monitor, greeting Shoichi and stating that things have begun with a bad start. At Hana's house, Lal Mirch arrives to pick Kyoko up. In the Vongola base, Tsuna questions Gokudera's condition, to which Reborn replies he was still unconscious, but states that good things always come after a crisis. Gokudera apologizes for his and Yamamoto's condition, but Reborn states that they would learn from their mistakes. Hibari comes to Tsuna with a matter, but Giannini interrupts, announcing that Fuuta and Bianchi have returned from their information gathering.


*Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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