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Chapter 250
Volume Yuni Arrives!
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Resistance is the 250th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


With Yamamoto finally reaching the target, he strikes. However, a barrier was set up by Kikyo, charged with Dying Will Flames. Kikyo estimates the barrier would last for two minutes with Yamamoto's strength, more than enough time for him to dispose of Shoichi Irie. With Kikyo fast approaching, Spanner and Shoichi check the laser traps they set up and ready them to fire at Kikyo. They land a direct hit at Kikyo, but no damage is inflicted on him. With their last trap ineffective, they resort to making the base mobile and running.

Meanwhile, Tsuna is still stuck in Toribakuto's illusion. Shoichi deduced that Torikabuto is just trying to keep Tsuna from reaching Daisy, their target. When Kikyo is just about to hit their base, Gokudera returns, striking Kikyo with rocket bombs. However, this proved to be ineffective and Gokudera was knocked out by Kikyo. With Gokudera disposed of, Kikyo resumes his attack on the base, this time landing a direct hit on it. Shoichi decides to make a run for it while Spanner takes care of the base. With Kikyo just about to land a strike, a massive burst of energy blasts out. It is then revealed that Tsuna is out of the illusion, breaking out with the sheer force of his X-Burner. With Tsuna back in the battle, Tsuna goes back to the base to help Shoichi, leaving Yamamoto with Daisy, the former cheerfully reassuring that he would take care of Daisy.


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