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Representative Battle of the Rainbow

The curse of the rainbow arc

Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Location Japan
Chapters 350 - 404
Arcobaleno representatives Arcobaleno
Fight Guide
Versus Daemon Spade

The Representative Battle of the Rainbow is a battle between the representatives of all seven Arcobaleno. The Arcobaleno whose representative wins the battle is granted release from their Arcobaleno curse, their baby bodies; or, in the Sky Arcobaleno's case, the removal of the curse of their short lifespan. However, this battle's reward is merely a ruse for Checker Face to determine the next generation of seven Arcobaleno, who will be the members of the winning team. The planner of this battle is Wonomichi, Checker Face's subordinate.


Since the seven Arcobaleno are most gifted in their own field and not all are battle-oriented, a rule has been put in place by Checker Face to pick representatives to fight in their place, as if the Arcobaleno Pacifiers were destroyed, it would be disastrous. Each of the Arcobaleno representatives are considered a team; each team is given a box that contains 8 wristwatches. 1 wristwatch is for the Arcobaleno, 1 is for the representative boss, and the 6 others are for the other representatives. The battle taking place would be a battle royale; the team whose boss's watch is destroyed loses. Alliances between teams may be formed. The Arcobaleno of the team, while he or she is allowed to observe, is prohibited from entering and engaging in the battle.

If a representative is in serious danger, the Arcobaleno may call into their wristwatch "present, please." This will temporarily remove the Arcobaleno's curse for 3 minutes and allow them to fight in the battle. The Arcobaleno can also manually remove their un-cursed form by saying "present, stop."

Representative TeamsEdit


Checker Face gathers all the Arcobaleno (sans Aria) in a dream to announce a battle between the Arcobaleno, where their selected representatives fight for them, and the winner's Arcobaleno curse is removed. As a result, all the Arcobaleno find their own representatives except Fon, who had yet to find one. Aria also gives up her right for her curse to be removed, instead giving it to her daughter Yuni from ten years later. Later, when Tsuna and Dino are forced into the Varia's hotel room, a mysterious man with a similar hat to Checker Face's named Yonomichi bursts in the room and announces his status as the planner of the Arcobaleno battle, also explaining the rules of the battle. Yonomichi, after informing the Varia and Tsuna and Dino of the rules, left to inform all of the other representatives of the battle's rules; in Fon's case, he simply told Fon himself, who reassured his pet Lichi that he had found a suitable representative. Before the battle, some teams move to make alliances. Verde creates supposed "new-generation weapons" while Mammon spends his entire fortune to pay Talbot for new Varia Rings.


Day 1Edit

Day 1 results

Day 1's battle results

Team Skull vs. Team MammonEdit

Enma and some Varia members fight; Skull later on is permitted to join the fray when he utters the words "present, please", temporarily removing his Arcobaleno curse as well. Skull protects Enma from a devastating attack. The result is a draw.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Iemitsu SawadaEdit

Tsuna and his dad Iemitsu fight. Iemitsu defeats Tsuna. Reborn and Dino meet Iemitsu and negotiate and form an alliance between Team Reborn and Team Colonnello; because of this alliance, Iemitsu does not destroy Tsuna's boss watch.

Vs. Kyoya HibariEdit

Fon's sole representative is revealed to be Hibari. Hibari fights against Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei. Ryohei's watch is soon destroyed, resulting in his elimination. Gokudera uses his new Vongola Gear technique, Zero Ignite, and Yamamoto takes advantage of Kojirou's Rain Flames' Tranquility characteristic to immobilize Hibari, allowing the two to escape, resulting in a tie match.

Team Verde vs. Team Yuni vs. Team ColonnelloEdit

During day 1, a single three-way off-screen battle occurred off-screen. It was a battle involving Team Verde, Team Yuni, and Team Colonnello, all pitted against each other. Team Verde managed to defeat Tazaru, Torikabuto, and Daisy of Team Yuni and Turmeric and Oregano of Team Colonnello, although M.M. was defeated in the process.

Day 2Edit

Day 2 of the RBR

Day 2's accumulated results

Team Yuni & Team Reborn vs. Team Verde vs. Team ColonnelloEdit

Team Yuni and Team Reborn fight Team Verde and Team Colonnello (who are not allies). Team Yuni has been eliminated with the destruction of their boss, Byakuran's, boss watch, Team Verde has retreated, and Team Reborn and Colonnello's two bosses' battle was tied.

Team Fon & Dino vs. Team MammonEdit

Team Fon fights Team Mammon, with Dino intervening at a crucial moment and saving Team Fon from elimination. Team Fon eliminated four of Team Mammon's representatives, but when Hibari is enraged that the end of the second day of battle forbade him from fighting Xanxus until the end, he shatters his own Boss Watch, eliminating himself despite the battle having already ended.

Team Bermuda vs. Team SkullEdit

No one challenged Team Skull until shortly before the end of the second day of battle, but suddenly 8 Vindice turn up at the end of the second day, defeats all of Team Skull's members, and forcibly takes the team's Rainbow Wristwatches for entry as Team Bermuda; an action approved by Checker Face himself.

Team Bermuda vs. Team ColonnelloEdit

Team Bermuda Vindice attack Team Colonnello outside of sanctioned battle time. When Nana Sawada appears, they attack her, forcing Iemitsu Sawada to intervene and save his wife, at the cost of Team Colonnello's participation in the Representative Battle.

Day 3 Results

Day 3's accumulated results

Team Bermuda vs. Team VerdeEdit

Team Bermuda Vindice attacked Team Verde outside of sanctioned battle time. Mukuro ordered Chikusa and Ken to retreat while he and Flan fight the Vindice. They able to hide inside a trapdoor with the help of Flan's illusion that able to trick the Vindice until Verde arrived, but Mukuro was heavily injured in the process.

Team Bermuda vs. Team MammonEdit

Team Bermuda Vindice attacked Team Mammon outside of sanctioned battle time. Belphegor, Leviathan, and Lussuria are defeated, but Xanxus and Squalo, even though heavily injured and exhausted, able to protect the boss watch until Mammon arrived back from the meeting with the Arcobaleno.

Day 3Edit

Team Reborn & Team Verde vs. Team BermudaEdit

The Team Bermuda members attack Team Reborn and Verde just as they are about to feud. Team Reborn and Verde ally to defeat Team Bermuda, which they manage to almost achieve until the Vindice on Team Bermuda reveal their true forms. Chrome, meanwhile, enters the battle and combines her illusions with Mukuro to defeat 2 of the Team Bermuda Vindice, leaving only Jaque. Tsuna, meanwhile, takes on Jaque and defeats him. Bermuda and Jager then appear and take Reborn and Tsuna to a series of caverns containing the secrets of the Arcobaleno.

Team Mammon vs. Team BermudaEdit

The Team Bermuda members attack Team Mammon shortly after the attack outside the battle time. Mammon used his remaining present time to fool the Vindice so they could escape. However, Fon stated that the technique won't work for the second time.

Day 4Edit


Bermuda orders his team members to separate and attack each of the three remaining teams individually.

Jager vs. Team RebornEdit

A minor skirmish occurs when Reborn refuses Bermuda's offer to join his team, and Jager decapitates Gokudera; however, he is revealed to be a Decoy Puppet.

Big Pino & Small Gia vs. Team VerdeEdit

Big Pino and Small Gia attack Team Verde and easily defeat the four remaining members, but are shocked to discover that they are Decoy Puppets.

Vs. AlejandroEdit

Alejandro obeys Bermuda's orders and separates from the main Team Bermuda to attack Team Mammon, but is shocked to discover the use of the Alliance Team's Decoy Puppet.

Tsuna, Enma, and Basil reveal themselves and battle Alejandro, engaging in some banter as well. Alejandro is pushed into a corner by the use of three powerful Hyper Dying Will Mode users, and reveals his Ginger Bread dolls, illuminating their history as the destroyers of Mafia Famiglias, although they were interpreted as being an omen of the upcoming destruction. However, the dolls are easily destroyed by the trio and Tsuna rushes in, quickly crushing Alejandro's Rainbow Wristwatch and moving on with Enma and Basil to combat other Team Bermuda members.

Vs. Small Gia & Big PinoEdit

Gokudera, Yamamoto, Chrome, and Flan fends off Small Gia and Big Pino until Tsuna, Enma, and Basil arrives from their battle with Alejandro. Small Gia and Big Pino able to destroy Chrome and Flan's illusions, Gokudera's Sistema C.A.I, and Yamamoto's Shigure Kintoki. Enma saves them in time before Big Pino's cannon able to hit them. Small Gia immediately switches weapons upon Tsuna, Enma, and Basil's arrival, defeating Basil and temporarily blinds Tsuna's eyes in the process. Yamamoto and Gokudera interferes before Small Gia could attack Tsuna. Enma binds the two Vindice's movements, preventing them from escaping. Flan, with the aid of Chrome, covers Gokudera's and Yamamoto's bodies with ceramics. Gokudera's dynamites explodes, destroying the two Vindice's battler watches without harming the two Vongola Guardians, though at the cost of Gokudera and Yamamoto's battler watches destroyed as well.

Vs. JagerEdit

Jager devastates the elite members of the Allied Team easily, but Tsuna arrives, enraged at Jager's harsh treatment of his friends. After a long and arduous battle, Tsuna manages to defeat Jager with the elite members' help, but then Bermuda intervenes before Tsuna can finish Jager off.

Vs. BermudaEdit

Bermuda reveals his true form to be a sickly young man emanating the Flame of Night and also reveals his unsaid history regarding the Flame of Night and the Vindice. Tsuna is battered around until Reborn intervenes with his un-cursed form, holding Bermuda off and hitting Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet, entering him into the Ultimate Dying Will Mode. With this new mode, Tsuna easily shrugs off Bermuda's most powerful technique and defeats him.

Battle ConclusionEdit

Checker Face arrives, revealing his identity as Kawahira, and explains the history behind the Arcobaleno. As he prepares to create the next generation of Arcobaleno, however, Talbot appears and presents the Pacifier Jar, designed to replace the Arcobaleno. Kawahira hesitantly agrees and Bermuda also agrees to power the Pacifier Jar, thus replacing the Arcobaleno and ending the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

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