Over the course of the series, Reborn has worn many different outfits varying in design and culture. The ones known are listed below.


Reborn Mafia Suit

Reborn's main mafia suit

Reborn's main mafia outfit. It consists of a fedora (a type of hat) with an orange strip. Reborn wears a tuxedo with maroon polo inside accompanied with a blue tie.


Doctor Reborn

Doctor Reborn

Reborn's doctor costume. It is first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Reborn is trying to wake Tsuna for school. After the events of Tsuna confessing to Kyoko and fighting Mochida, he ends up having to shock Tsuna, which, as claimed by himself, is the "special Vongola way" of waking a person. Reborn wears a head mirror on his head and wears a pair of metal plates for letting electricity through.

Construction ManEdit

Construction Reborn

Reborn as a Construction Man

Reborn's construction man costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Reborn was tutoring Tsuna on mathematics. Reborn would detonate a bomb on Tsuna whenever the latter got an answer wrong. Lambo makes his debut at this tutoring time as well.


Pajama Reborn

Reborn wearing pajamas

Reborn's pajamas are first seen when Tsuna and Yamamoto were having test problems and the Family (Gokudera, Kyoko, Bianchi, and Haru) were trying to help them. Reborn sleeps at this time wearing this outfit, only waking to say a few words; however, he later wakes up to give the correct answer, prompting Haru's father to identify Reborn as Doctor Borin, a prodigious infant mathematician. Also, every night, Reborn is seen with this pajamas to sleep in.

Chestnut SuitEdit

Spiky Reborn

Reborn's chestnut suit

Reborn's chestnut suit was first seen when Gokudera claims that it was boring in the house. As a result, Reborn comes in this suit, the suit's name being a pun on words in Japanese. "Bikkuri" means "surprising", and "big kuri" means "big chestnut". Reborn uses this costume to spy on people who use trains for long distance commuting. People are scared of the spikes, so nobody bothers him. The costume was actually made by Bianchi when she was in elementary school for home economics class. The one who touches the spikes would go to heaven in 30 seconds, as claimed by Reborn himself. Reborn appeared as this costume again when Tsuna, Dino, Yamamoto and Gokudera went to Death Mountain.

Master PaoPaoEdit

Pao Pao

Master PaoPao

Reborn's "Master PaoPao" costume. A Thai boxing elder, PaoPao; although the one wearing is it actually Reborn in disguise. Reborn appeared as Master PaoPao again on top of a hippo named Saizou when Tsuna and Kyoko were on their first date.
He also appeared in the anime during the Inheritance Succession Arc while training Ryohei .

Death GodEdit

Death God Reborn

Death God

Reborn's death god costume. It was first seen worn by Reborn when Tsuna received the Skullitis disease from being shot by the Dying Will Bullet 10 times.



Reborn's panda costume

Reborn's panda costume, a costume first seen in the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna was looking for a babysitter for Lambo.


Reborn Priest

Reborn's priest costume

Reborn's priest costume. It was first seen in Tsuna's dream, the dream's shows being that the latter was marrying Kyoko with Reborn as the priest; however, the bride morphed into Haru instead.

Baseball PlayerEdit

  • First-seen costume
  • Second-seen costume
Reborn's baseball player costume, a costume worn by Reborn when he was preparing Yamamoto's training program.

Second CostumeEdit

Reborn's second baseball-themed costume.

Hair StylistEdit

Hairstylist Reborn

Reborn's hair stylist costume

Reborn's hair stylist costume. Reborn wears this outfit when helping Gokudera to combat wind resistance. Also, Leon is the comb.

New Year'sEdit

New Years Reborn

Reborn's new year's costume

Reborn's new year's costume, worn by Reborn when he gathered Tsuna's Guardians at the time (Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei) to compete against Dino's Chiavarone Famiglia. Leon is the fan.


Reborn Samurai

Reborn's samurai costume

Reborn's samurai costume. Reborn wore this during the snowball fight at Namimori Middle when he was calling out the names of each team.



Reborn's warrior costume

Reborn's warrior costume, worn by Reborn during the three-way snowball fight.



Reborn's caveman costume

Reborn's caveman costume, Reborn's outfit when starting the second round of the snowball fight. Reborn appeared as this costume again when Tsuna, Dino, Yamamoto and Gokudera went to Death Mountain.


Trainer Reborn

Reborn's trainer costume

Reborn's trainer costume, worn by Reborn when he and Dino are training Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto in the Death Mountain.



Reborn's exorcist costume

Reborn's exorcist Costume, a costume worn by Reborn when the nurse was getting sick of Tsuna's disruptions in the hospital. The nurse put Tsuna in a small lab room full of insects and animals in jars; Reborn comes in with his exorcist costume and with the help of I-Pin, they come to exorcise Tsuna's room of the "evil spirit" that was causing all of his injuries.


Choco Reborn

Chocolate Reborn

Reborn's chocolate costume, worn by Reborn when he asked Tsuna if he thinks that he'll get chocolates this year. The gift box beside him is Leon.


Officer Reborn

Officer Reborn

Reborn's police officer costume, worn by Reborn when he sent Tsuna back home to prevent Bianchi from adding her Poison Cooking to Haru and Kyoko's food.


Reborn's astronaut costume, worn by Reborn when Fuuta was ranking Haru's three most attractive features. It was seen again during the 291st chapter's colored cover page of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


  • In the Kokuyo Arc
  • In the Varia Arc
Reborn's detective costume, worn by Reborn while he was conversing with Dino about the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. Reborn wore this costume again during the Varia Arc when Reborn recommended Tsuna to researching for Lambo because he didn't come home for a long time.




Reborn's Vongolavsky costume, worn by Reborn to secretly assign Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Kyoko in the same class; the school board also thinks that "Vongolavsky" is a special classroom assigner. Reborn used this costume to run all over Namimori Middle until Kyoko wins by catching him on top of the roof. With that, they get to be in the same class.

Professor BorinEdit


Professor Borin

Reborn's graduate costume. it was first seen during the Daily Life Arc. When Tsuna's group had trouble on problem #7, Haru call her dad for help. When he can't solve the problem, Reborn said that there is an answer to that problem. While Reborn was talking, Haru's Father noticed Reborn's sideburns, he recognized Reborn as Professor Borin, a mathematical genius that can solve every single problem previously considered impossible to solve. It was shown again when Borin was talking with the Principal and one of the staff members, right after Kyoko took the assigning clipboard from Reborn so they could assign themselves to the class that they wanted to be placed in.


Father Reborn

Father Reborn

Reborn's father costume, worn by Reborn when Hana goes to the Sawada household to ask more about the 15 year old Lambo.



Reborn's greek costume

Reborn's Greek costume, worn by Reborn when the residents of the Sawada household were going to Mafia Land for a vacation.


Reborn Swimwear

Reborn's swimwear

Reborn's swimwear, worn by Reborn when Tsuna's family and friends were trying to teach him how to swim. Reborn wore this swimsuit again when Reborn surrounded Tsuna, Kyoko, and Haru around things with that are hot like a tea on a stove, etc. and Reborn on the side cooling down in his swimsuit surrounded by cool things like a pool of ice under him and drinking a cold drink.


Reborn Festival

Reborn's festival costume

Reborn's festival costume, worn by Reborn during the Namimori Festival. Leon is the mask.


  • In the Daily Life Arc
  • In the Varia Arc
Reborn's plant costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna and Yamamoto failed their math test and Reborn decided that the extra credit they got from their teacher should be done at Tsuna's house. It was seen again when Squalo fought Basil, Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera for the fake Half Vongola Rings.


Climber Reborn

Climber Reborn

Reborn's climbing suit, worn by Reborn when training Tsuna. DWM Tsuna chose to climb a mountain for practice to prepare for the Ring Battles with the Varia.


Gentlemen Reborn

Gentlemen Reborn

Reborn's gentleman costume, worn by Reborn when Tsuna fell off a cliff during his training for the Varia Ring Battles.


Reborn yukata
Reborn's yukata, worn by Reborn while Tsuna and his Family visited a hot spring.

Mr. RiboyamaEdit

  • Mr. Riboyama
  • Mr. Riboyama wearing a gi
Reborn's teacher outfit, worn by Reborn when he took over Tsuna's class during the Open House. He started to teach the class when the teacher left to take care of Gokudera, after the latter saw Bianchi. After introducing himself, Reborn told the class that they were going to work on their muscles, wearing a gi to best fit the situation.


Birdy Reborn

Reborn's pigeon costume

Reborn's pigeon costume, worn by Reborn during the Varia Arc when Haru was testing Tsuna to see if he's a good or bad person. He was spying on Haru with this costume with Bianchi holding him on her hand.


Reborn Ninja

Reborn's ninja costume

Reborn's ninja outfit, worn by Reborn during the Varia Arc when popping up on the window when Tsuna was asking Dino about Hibari's fighting condition. Also Leon is the headband. During some episodes, Reborn would be dressed as a ninja to do things secretly like listening in on a conversation.

Old LadyEdit

Mom Reborn

Reborn as a a Old Lady

Reborn's old lady costume, worn by Reborn when he attended Tsuna's Open House at Namimori Middle School to look for candidates to be in Tsuna's family.

Fairy TutorEdit

Tutor Fairy

Reborn as a Fairy Tutor

Reborn's fairy tutor costume, worn by Reborn 9 years and 10 months in the future while overseeing Tsuna and his Guardians training with Box Weapons. Reborn talks with a higher pitched voice while wearing this costume and instead of his normal "Ciaossu" catchphrase he says "Ciao-Ciao"


Reborn as girl
Reborn's girl costume, worn when Reborn was supporting Kyoko and Haru's boycott, the former and the latter initiating the boycott because of being kept in the dark about the fight with the Millefiore Famiglia. It also appears to be the same costume he wore when going bowling with Longchamp, along with Rikopin and Mayu-Mayu.


  • In the Varia Arc
  • In Haru Haru's Interview: Dangerous
Reborn's chef costume. It was first seen when Haru was by Tsuna's house and saw that Lambo was driving Tsuna crazy, as always. Haru was wondering why Tsuna was acting this way. Reborn and Bianchi showed up behind her and asked if she wanted to eat Italian oden. Reborn appeared as this costume again in Haru Haru's Interview: Dangerous when Bianchi appeared as a special guest.


Reborn director fixed
Reborn's director outfit, worn in the Reborn OVA's introduction; he refers to himself as "Rebornberg" in this costume.


Tennis Costume
Reborn's tennis costume, worn when telling Tsuna and Enma not to run away from the mafia.


Reborn spider
Reborn's spider outfit, worn during a Team Reborn meeting on the second day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.


Princess Reborn

Reborn in Coveralls

Reborn in women's coveralls, seen in the episode where Shoichi Irie wanted to return the Bovino Famiglia's box to Lambo. Shoichi asked for Reborn and he saw Reborn as a girl.

Vongola Pizza DeliveryEdit

Vongola Pizza Reborn

Reborn as a Vongola Pizza Delivery

Reborn's pizza delivery costume. It is first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Reborn wants Tsuna to be in the volleyball match. Reborn did this by poisoning the pizza, thus making the volleyball players unable to play and makes Tsuna a volleyball member. Leon appears to be the pizza box.


Reborn Camu

Reborn's camouflage suit

Reborn's camouflage costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Dino was explaining the training that happened when Reborn was his tutor. He wore a camouflage suit when Dino failed at fighting a bear with his whip.

Haiku ReadingEdit

Haiku Reading Costume

Haiku Reading Costume

Reborn's haiku reading costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna was sick with the Skullitis disease and it was almost time for Tsuna to die and Reborn was reading a haiku about Tsuna living a short life and ending in the sunset.


Grandpa Reborn

Grandpa Reborn

Reborn's grandpa costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna was done eating breakfast and leaving for school and Reborn was dressed like an old man reading the newspaper.

Tea ServingEdit

Tea Serving Reborn

Reborn's tea serving costume

Reborn's tea serving costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Haru and Kyoko were having their once-a-month cake eating snack. After, Reborn offered Kyoko and Haru to Tsuna's house.


Groundhog Reborn

Reborn's groundhog costume

Reborn's groundhog costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna's group were surrounded by a wildfire, caused by Gokudera's dynamites when Bianchi looked at him.




Reborn's cupid costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Hana was thinking what made Tsuna so passionate to find out who Kyoko gave her chocolates to. Hana thinks cupid shot him with his arrow. And the cupid shown was Reborn with Leon as his bow.



Hunter Reborn

Reborn's hunter costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Reborn, Bianchi, and Lambo were eating the expensive sushi and they ran away because they didn't want to pay the bills. The bill was 70,000 yen. Because Tsuna didn't have that much money, Reborn, in his hunter costume suggested that he should work to pay the money off because Reborn said that a person who doesn't work doesn't deserve to eat. Reborn appeared as this costume when Tsuna was training to learn Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition for the Varia Ring Battle.

Electric CatfishEdit

Electric Catfish

Electric Catfish

Reborn's catfish costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna gave up confidence on learning how to swim. This costume is instilled with lightning. Reborn used this costume to electrify Tsuna and keep him from giving up.


Reborn Diving Suit

Diver Reborn

Reborn's diving suit. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna and this senior lifeguard was swimming for a race. Tsuna saw a little girl floating away to sea. Tsuna decided to risk his life to save that girl because when he was a kid, he floated away to sea and lifeguards saved him. When he reaches the girl, he sinks. Reborn, in his diving suit shot Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet and saved the little girl.

Construction WorkerEdit

Construction Worker

Reborn's construction suit

Reborn's construction suit. It was first seen during the Varia Arc when Tsuna heard about Gokudera training by himself. He rushes over there and see Gokudera trying to throw dynamites, but can't because he was heavily damaged. Gokudera tries it one more time and fails, but luckily, Iemitsu dug a hole with Reborn to protect him.

Elder ReboEdit

Elder rebo

Elder Rebo

Reborn's Elder Rebo suit. It was first seen during the Monster Tamer Tsuna series.

Child DollEdit

Child Doll Reborn

Reborn's child doll costume

Reborn's child doll costume, worn by Reborn during the Varia Arc when Tsuna was questioning Hana about Lambo's whereabouts.


Reborn Vase

Reborn as a vase

Reborn's vase costume. It was first seen during the Varia Arc when Gokudera was done explaining the events that happened so far in the Vongola Ring Battles. Reborn, in this costume, caught Gokudera being nice to Lambo for once.

Old SenseiEdit

Old Sensei Reborn

Old Sensei Reborn

Reborn's old sensei costume. It was first seen during the end of the Varia battles and the gang were celebrating at Yamamoto's sushi place. When Basil and Lacia are leaving to go back to Italy, Lambo is seen running around. When Reborn was pissed, he attacked Lambo with Leon's version of Violent Snake Fierce Domination. Lambo was crying after, and threw a huge pack of his grenades at Tsuna. Tsuna was seen flying away and ended up hanging on the telephone pole. Reborn was seen with this costume and told Tsuna that he needs more training. After, Tsuna cried for help.


Reborn Eggplant

Reborn as a Eggplant

Reborn's eggplant costume. It was first seen during the Inheritance Ceremony Arc when Yamamoto wanted to see how good Kaoru is at baseball. He commented that he was nervous when other people watched him play. But, he was able to play after Reborn and the others wore vegetable costumes made by Haru and cheered for him. When he threw the ball, the ball vanished as Yamamoto caught it. This made Reborn wonder what he was capable of and only furthered his theory that the Simon Famiglia wasn't as weak as they were rumored to be.


  • Before The Test
  • During The Test
Reborn's kimono costume. It was first seen after the battles with the Varia. Reborn, in this kimono, suggested Tsuna to take a "winter test of courage." Reborn wore another kimono during winter test of courage when Reborn was telling Tsuna that he was late and that his partner was waiting.


Waitor Reborn

Reborn serving Kyoko and Haru cold drinks

Reborn's waiter suit. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Kyoko and Haru were taking a footbath and Reborn, in his waitor suit asked them if they wanted a foot massage.

Nagging Mother-in-LawEdit

  • Reborn as a Nagging Mother-in-Law
  • Reborn smacking Tsuna
Reborn's nagging costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Tsuna asked if Reborn was supposed to be a naggin mother-in-law and Reborn got mad and started smacking Tsuna with a broom in the butt.


  • Reborn as a Maid
  • Reborn hitting Tsuna
Reborn's maid costume. It was first seen during the Daily Life Arc when Reborn scolded Tsuna for not squeezing the towel hard enough. Tsuna asked how this deals with training and Reborn started hitting rapidly with a towel.


Reborn Principal

Reborn shown in the principal's office

When Nezu Dohachiro was in the principal's office arguing with Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto, there was a wall of the pictures of the previous principals and in one of it, Reborn was shown.

Special SuitEdit

Reborn Base Suit

Special Suit

Reborn's special suit. It was first seen during the beginning of the Future Arc when Reborn had to wear this in the Vongola secret base. If he doesn't wear this, he'll feel really ill.


Reborn Bicycle

Reborn's bicycle riding costume

Reborn's bicycle riding costume. It was first seen during the Future Arc when he was riding the bicycle to follow Yamamoto as he was doing his warm-ups.

Sleeping BagEdit

Reborn Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Reborn's bagworm sleeping bag. It was first seen during the Future Arc. It lets Reborn sleep anywhere at anytime.


Rsz skatekyo hitman reborn 235 01

Mini Dino

Reborn's Dino costume. In this costume, he looks like a miniature version of future Dino.


Rsz reborn 191 aom01

Mini Tsuna

Reborn's Tsuna costume. In this costume, he looks like a miniature version of Tsuna in Hyper Dying Will Mode


Reborn's G. costume. In this costume, he looks like a miniature version of the first-generation Vongola Storm Guardian.
Rsz first generation famiglia by princessyuuki10-d36ne26

Mini G.

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