Reborn Concert 2008

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Vongola's Strongest Concert

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Vongola's Strongest Concert, otherwise known as Rebocon 2008, was a concert in Japan where the seiyus of the characters came together and did a concert-like show. Rebocon was first introduced in 2008. For the concert, the seiyus would act mostly like their characters and sometimes wear costumes to match the character. They would sing some of their recent character songs and have a little talk session.


At the beginning, Colonnello and Ryohei's voice told everyone the rules and to settle down because the concert was starting. Katekyo Ondo started playing, with Reborn and Tsuna's seiyus coming out and singing. While they were singing, everyone else started to come out. Later, everyone started to sing Katekyo Ondo to finish off the opening.
Everyone's out

Everyone at the Beginning

The seiyus got in a line and introduced themselves, adding in their character's catchphrase or line. After the introduction, Mukuro and Hibari's seiyus started their duet of Sakura Addiction.
Mukuro and Hibari's Seiyu Concert

Mukuro and Hibari's Seiyu for Sakura Addiction

After that, Kyoko and Haru's seiyus sung their duet Friend, which featured Colonnello, Reborn, I-Pin, and Lambo's seiyus as well.
Friend Concert

I-Pin, Lambo, Reborn, Colonnello, Haru, and Kyoko in Friend

Lambo and I-Pin's seiyus was next to sing their duet, Gyouza Gyuudon.
I-pin and Lambo seiyu

I-Pin and Lambo's seiyu during Gyouza Gyuudon

When they left, Gokudera and Yamamoto's seiyus sung their duet, Oretachi no Joy!
Gokudera and Yamamoto Concert

Gokudera and Yamamoto's seiyu after Oretachi no Joy!

After a moment of silence, the seiyus all appeared on a platform, sitting down and talking about how it felt when they sang. The "Interview" was held by Ryohei and Lambo's seiyus. After a funny discussion, Kyoko's seiyu got off the platform and sung her character song, Kyou Kono Sora. When she was finished, I-Pin's seiyu sung her character song, Ramen Nobichau no Uta while wearing Adult I-Pin's outfit.
Adult I-Pin Concert

I-Pin's Seiyu during Ramen Nobichau no Uta

Lambo's seiyu came out holding a Lambo doll and sang Lambo-san no Yabou.
Lambo Seiyu Concert

Lambo doll and Lambo's seiyu during Lambo-san no Yabou

Following Haru's character song, Kita no Dangerous with an introduction by Ryohei's seiyu.
Haru seiyu Concert

Haru's seiyu singing Kita no Dangerous

Again, everyone got onto a platform and talked. Hosted by Ryohei and Lambo's seiyu, they talked about their favorite park ride. After the talk, Hibari's seiyu sung Hitoribocchi no Sadame.
Hibari's seiyu Concert

Hibari's seiyu singing Hitoribocchi no Sadame

Followed by Minna Suki Daze sung by Yamamoto's seiyu.
Yamamoto's Seiyu Concert

Yamamoto's seiyu waving to the crowd after Minna Suki Daze

Gokudera was next to sing. At the beginnng he "played" a little piano solo for the song Loop.
Gokudera and piano concert

Gokudera's seiyu on his little piano at the beginning of Loop

Mukuro's seiyu was on stage next and sung Kufufu no Fu ~Boku to Keiyaku~ during which he had some of the other's seiyus as dancers.
Mukuro Seiyu Concert

Mukuro's Seiyu singing Kufufu no Fu ~Boku to Keiyaku~

Another talk came up afterwards about how to love. this was mostly because of the lyrics to Hibari's character song. Reborn's seiyu then did a little introduction and sung Reborn Blues.
Reborn Seiyu Concert

Reborn's seiyu singing Reborn's Blues

Tsuna's seiyu was next to sing the song Tsuna's Life. After that, there was another talk that only had Ryohei, Lambo, Reborn, and Tsuna's seiyus. They all got up from sitting down, and everyone came out and introduced themselves and thanked the audience. The last song, Family ~Yakusoku no Basho~, was sung by everyone.

Character's SeiyusEdit

(in order of appearance):


  • The song, Family ~Yakusoku no Basho~, was closer to the first version of the song.
  • There weren't as many costumes for the seiyus to wear.

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