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Reborn Arrives!

Volume 1

Reborn Kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date October 4, 2004
English Release Date October 3, 2006
Volume Number 01
Volume Guide

Reborn Arrives! (リボーン来る!, Reborn Kuru!) is the 1st volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga.



Infant Reborn is a hitman for the Mafia. He is sent to Japan to train teenager Tsunayoshi Sawada so that he can become the next boss of the most powerful Mafia group, the Vongola Family. Tsuna considers himself a loser until Reborn shoots him with the Dying Will Bullet. This makes him stronger physically and mentally, allowing him to perform amazing feats. He is eventually able to become friendly with his crush, Kyoko Sasagawa, and befriends baseball player Takeshi Yamamoto after stopping him from committing suicide. As part of his training, he begins meeting members of the Mafia, who have mixed reactions to him. Dynamite expert Hayato Gokudera initially wishes to kill the boy, but later strives to become his right-hand man. Another infant assassin, Lambo, introduces himself by trying to kill Reborn, but instead starts living with them.

Characters IntroducedEdit

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