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The Reborn! Hidden Bullet Novel series is a light novel series released by Shueisha. Its storyline is written by Hideaki Koyasu and its art drawn by Akira Amano. Each novel contains several short stories, many of which were originally serialized in Jump Square; however, each novel also contains at least one new story (the titular story), specially written for the novel.

The first one, Hidden Bullet: Mukuro's Illusions, shows how the character Mukuro Rokudo took over Kokuyo Middle School, and it was released on March 12, 2007. The second one, Hidden Bullet: X-Fiamma, recaps the mystery of Xanxus, and was released on February 4, 2008. A third light novel, Hidden Bullet: Millefiore Panic was published on July 3, 2009, focused on the Millefiore Famiglia as well as various members of the Vongola Famiglia, soon followed by the fourth and fifth novel, Hidden Bullet: Funeral Flowers Fall, and Hidden Bullet: Simon Cooking!, on 2010 and 2011, respectively.


1st Volume, Mukuro's Illusions:

  • Bucking Horse Stampede
  • Two Hitmen from an Old Castle, with Love
  • Assassin's Quest
  • Mukuro's Illusion

2nd Volume, X-Fiamma:

3rd Volume, Millefiore Panic:

4th Volume, The Funeral Flower Withers:

5th Volume, Simon Cooking!:

Vongola 77 Bonus Novel: Meeting a Dangerous Boy


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