Gender Male
Status Alive
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Partner Renji
Weapons Rapier
Flame Sky
Seiyu Tetsuya Kakihara

Character OutlineEdit

Rand is a new character featured in Kizuna No Tag Battle, the latest Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fighting game for the PlayStation Portable. He is Renji's younger brother and is very softspoken. He has the Roman numeral "XII", 12, tattooed on his left cheek.

Plot OverviewEdit

Kizuna No Tag BattleEdit

Rand & Renji

Rand and Renji

Rand makes his first appearance during the Future Arc in the span of time during the training before Choice. When you first meet Rand and his sister, they were being followed by Millefiore Famiglia for the D-Box. You later find out that their father Rover had made the 10 D-Boxes. Rand and his sister at first are very soft spoken, and don't seem quite within the social loop. They didn't understand what "thank you" or any kindness represented. However, like all children, they were attracted to their parent. Renji and Rand go missing one day and were found near Gamma, saying that Gamma had the same scent as their father. Rand was announced to the Vongola by Byakuran that he was the 12th D-box made. Byakuran explains that Rover wanted to create human Box Weapons and as a result, for the 11th and 12th, came out Renji and Rand. Instead of weapons, he treated them as if were his children. However, as all Box Weapons, they feed on whoever's Dying Will Flame they were inherited with. Byakuran manipulated them with his own powers and with his Flames to command them against their will to fight against the Vongola for an all out battle. After the battle, they apologized that they didn't know what Byakuran's intentions were and that they were glad Tsuna and the rest of them called them their friends even in the midst of battle. As their last breath goes away, Tsuna and the others are saddened by what had happened; however a tiny bit of hope rose from within Tsuna, as he thought since Rand and Renji were box weapons, with Dying Will Flames, they could be revived. Thus, with the whole Vongola 10th generation Guardians' Flames, Renji and Rand were brought back to life.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Rapier: Able to emit Sky Flames, this sword is Rand's primary weapon.


  • Gokudera is highly suspicious of Rand and Renji.
  • When Rand's Japanese name is translated into English, it could either be "Lando" or "Rando", meaning that his name "Rand" could have an inaccurate translation.


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