Rain Giant Squid

Rain Giant Squid4

Title Kraken di Pioggia
Designer Lorenzini
Animal Giant Squid
Users Glo Xinia
Abilities Coordinated Tentacles Attack
Power A
Intelligence C
Speed B
Stamina C
Size 15m
Personality Shy
  • Suction Pad Splash
  • Waterspout Defense
  • Kraken Drill
  • Kraken Devil
Manga Debut Chapter 164
Anime Debut Episode 91

The Rain Giant Squid is a large Rain-attribute Box Weapon clad in Rain Flames. Despite its large physique, few have actually seen its whole figure since it prefers dark places underwater. Possessed by the Millefiore Famiglia's Fake Rain Funeral Wreath Glo Xinia, it serves as his main weapon whilst the Rain Owl acts as support.


The Tranquility factor in its Flames are weak, so its strategy is to shave off the enemy's strength with physical attacks. The coordinated attacks of its ten tentacles have no openings and boasts an astonishing destructive power. The sheer number of tentacles also allows it to attack and defend from multiple angles simultaneously.


  • Glo Xinia ranks it as an A-Rank Box Weapon.
  • Its Italian name makes an allusion to the legendary sea monster of same name, the Kraken.


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